New Hampshire Primary Care Behavioral Health Workforce Portal

Our Commitment

The State of New Hampshire is committed to promoting the integration of behavioral health and primary care services for all its citizens.

As this integration is developing across the state, the need for behavioral health clinicians trained to work in primary care is growing faster than current training programs can meet. This Portal is intended to supply a place to assemble resources and to help coordinate the various efforts aimed at building the Primary Care Behavioral Health workforce of the State.

Based on the New Hampshire Primary Care Behavioral Health Workforce Assessment, our team from the Center for Behavioral Health Innovation at Antioch University New England is currently carrying out the New Hampshire Primary Care Behavioral Health Development Plan. See the timeline of the project. Each task that is not complete is open to input and help from New Hampshire Partners.

8 Competencies for Primary Care Behavioral Health Clinicians needed to Make Health Whole.

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Currently under construction to serve workforce members, employers, trainers and other stakeholders who are interested in working to improve the integration of primary care and behavioral health in New Hampshire.