2015 NHD-SD Winners

Competition held on Saturday, March 7, 2015 at SDCOE

Awards announced Sunday, March 8 at Hall of Champions in Balboa Park

Winners will represent San Diego in the NHD-CA competition in Sacramento on May 8-9, 2015.

Elementary Group 2-D Display:

Junior Historical Papers:

Senior Historical Papers:

Junior Individual Documentaries:


Mario Fuentes

William Clinton: A Retracted Legacy

Senior Individual Documentaries:

Junior Group Documentaries:


Daniel Thomas

Nelson Mandela: His Leadership and Legacy

Senior Group Documentaries:



Richard Clark

Elijah Gross-Sable

Accommodation vs. Agitation: The Legacy of Washington’s and DuBois’ Conflicting Leadership

Pope John and the Cuban Missile Crisis

Braxton Bell

Alex Devereaux

Jonathan Lemberg

Adam Linssen

Junior Individual Performances:



Mary Rose Vadeboncoeur

Anna Bahen

Eleanor Roosevelt and her Legacy of Civil Rights

Dive into the Horrors of the 1692 Salem Witch Trials

Senior Individual Performance:



Ruby Ross

Pragmatism, Patience, and Luck: Elizabeth I’s Successful Rule

Alan Turing

Henry Aceves

Junior Group Performances:

Senior Group Performance:


Bryce Kelety

Kaelyn Kaeppes

Mary Fellios

Hersheeta Suri

First Lady of Song: Ella Fitzgerald

Junior Individual Websites:

Senior Individual Websites:



Meghana Reddy

Anoushka Bose

Norman Borlaug: Leadership and Legacy

The Captain: Jacques-Yves Cousteau and his Silent Legacy

Junior Group Websites:

Senior Group Websites:

Junior Individual Exhibits:

Junior Group Exhibits:

Senior Individual Exhibits:



Christopher Crestik

Mary Tobin

The Leadership and Legacy of Napoleon Bonaparte: “The God of War”

Ride, Sally, Ride: The Leadership and Legacy of Sally Ride

Senior Group Exhibits:



Olivia Ghosh

Pedro Gallardo

Soren Hansen

Robert Brownlie

Zach Bernstein

Brittney Lamb

Hali Islas

Alexis Martinez

Ho Chi Minh

Pol Pot: Cambodia’s Nightmare


Military History Award sponsored by USS Midway Museum

Air & Space History Award sponsored by San Diego Air & Space Museum

All-American Sports Award sponsored by Jim Dowling

Colin Campbell

Junior Individual Exhibit

The Legacy of Little League Baseball

Best Use of Primary Sources sponsored by San Diego History Center

A People's History sponsored by Greg Spielman

Outstanding Use of Academic English by English Language Learners sponsored by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Bringing History Alive! sponsored by Teachers' Curriculum Institute

Jessica Venzor

Cate Hasler

Anne McGrath

Selfridge & Co

Anne Frank: A Diary’s Legacy

Junior Individual Exhibit

Junior Group Exhibit

Legacy & Leadership in the Classical World sponsored by Friends of the Classics

Research and Writing in American History Award sponsored by NHD-SD Foundation

Alex Dube

Isabella Hernandez

Philip Johnston: The Code That Won the War

The Legacy of Catharine Esther Beecher: Author and Teacher

Junior Individual Exhibit

Junior Historical Paper

San Diego County Libraries' Research Award sponsored by San Diego County Librarians

Most Creative Interpretation of the Theme sponsored by Greater San Diego Council for the Social Studies

Science and Medicine in History Award sponsored by Behling/Hansen/Ghosh/Mel

Alyssa Fields

Junior Individual Exhibit

Karl Landsteiner: Father of Transfusion Medicine

Women of Character Award sponsored by San Diego Women's Museum

Ashley Scott

Katelyn Fitzgerald

Carolyn Kravets

Adelyn Phillips

Junior Group Exhibit

Clara Barton: Angel of the Battlefield

Women in American History Award sponsored by DAR - De Anza Chapter

Brielle Roesch

Maika Burlas

Trinity Edwards

Brooke Moran

Elizabeth Blackwell: The Leadership and Legacy of the First Female Doctor

Leading Women to Suffrage: The Legacy of Susan B. Anthony

Junior Individual Exhibit

Junior Group Exhibit

First Timers Award sponsored by Francis Parker History Day Club

Kelsie Park

Arshvi Shah

Katrina Guseman

Jason Liu

Kevin Luo

Coco Chanel

Louis Pasteur

Elementary Group 2D Display

Elementary Group 2D Display

Award for Outstanding Historical Performance sponsored by Nicole Grolman in Honor of Cassandra Davis

Trina Nguyentu

Brooke Davalos

Dylan Buxbaum

Junior Group Performance

Breaking the Chains of Slavery: Harriet Tubman

Perseverance Award given in honor of Valerie Grayson

Mario Fuentes

Senior Historical Paper

William Clinton: A Retracted Legacy

Geography Award sponsored by California Geographic Alliance, San Diego

Minority Accomplishments Through Diversity sponsored by Black American Political Association of California

Isabella Coronado

Serena Andrade

Junior Group Exhibit

Ruby Bridges: Achievement Has No Color

Judges' Choice Award sponsored by NHD-SD Foundation

Stella Turner

Axel Youngdale

Phillis Wheatley: A Story of Slavery, Freedom, Literature

George Orwell

Junior Individual Documentary

Junior Historical Paper

Economics Award sponsored by San Diego EconEd Foundation