2019 NH EDies TOY highlights

our NHAFCS 2019 Teacher of the Year

Wendy MacArthur-Keith

Wendy MacArthur-Keith is a 1975 graduate of Keene State College with a Bachelor's degree in in Home Economic Education. In 1976, Wendy continued to earn credit in 1976 with Graduate Study Courses in Education and Home Economics at Framingham State. She didn’t stop there, as she earned her Masters of Administration of Education finishing strong with her certification in 2014 for a N.H.F.C. S. N.H. Administration of Education.

It is because Wendy participated in these many relevant and pertinent positions that she has participated in; such as Job Council education, STEP programs and food service and restaurant vocational education; to mention a few; these experiences allowed Wendy to forge on to bring critical life experiences to her students.

Since the mission of the Cooperative Middle School is to provide a challenging, safe and healthy learning environment designed to meet the social, emotional and intellectual needs of all students. Wendy has worked endlessly to incorporate this mission into her curriculum to give equal opportunity to each of her students.

Since 1984, Wendy has taught at Cooperative Middle School in Stratham, NH and she has mastered the necessary tools to bring needed education to her 8th grade students with the focus on “Career Exploration”. Her well-balanced classes include Family Finance, Consumer Education, Nutrition, Personal & Social Development, Diet and Health and incorporates Technology in the classrooms.

Wendy also has been a member of NHAFCS since 2004 and served on the NHAFCS as Vice-President for TOY in 2012,2013 and 2014. Wendy MacArthur-Keith will be recognized at at the NHAFCS Teacher of the Year at the EDies in June 2019.