The National Guard of Ukraine (hereinafter - NGU) develops in accordance with the main state strategic documents, orders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and NGU Commander. The development of NGU international cooperation is an important component, which in 2018 was aimed at:

    • extension of existing cooperation and establishment of new bilateral relations with foreign partners;
    • realization of existing projects and launching of new ones;
    • increasing of cooperation with international organizations (FIEP, NATO, EU, EUAM, UN, etc.).

In order to implement advanced international experience into NGU activity and to strenghten its image both within the state and abroad.


The visits of NGU delegations led by the Commander to the partner countries became a foundation for the initiation and further development of international cooperation in 2018.

In April, NGU delegation visited the Republic of Turkey to familiarize with the activities, main tasks and functions of the Gendarmerie of Turkey, as well as to discuss the development of bilateral cooperation.

The decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine is to increase the number of the National Police of Ukraine (NPU) and the National Guard of Ukraine (NGU) personnel in the peacekeeping and security operations. Given that, NGU and NPU delegations, led by the NGU Commander and the NPU Head, took part in the 2nd United Nations Chiefs of Police Summit (UNCOPS-2018) in New York, USA.

During the visit, NGU Commander arranged a number of working meetings with the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations - Volodymyr Yelchenko, the UN Police Advisor - Director of the UN Police Department - Luis Carrillo, the Chief of the UN Police Selection and Recruitment Division - Ata Yenigun and the Chief of the NYC Police.

The UN Police Leadership highly evaluated the professionalism of Ukrainian representatives both in international peace and security operations and in the UN Secretariat.

During the visit to Washington, NGU Commander held meetings with the US Special Representative for Ukraine - Kurt Volker, Congressmen of the US House of Representatives and Vice Chief of the US National Guard Bureau - Lieutenant-General Daniel R. Hokanson. The aim of the meetings was to discuss cooperation between Ukrainian National Guard and the California National Guard (CNG), the situation in the Eastern Ukraine and a high importance of the US support for Ukraine.

In addition, NGU delegation visited the CNG Joint Staff, the 40th Infantry Division (Los Alamitos) and the Camp Roberts Training Center.

In October 2018, NGU Commander was invited to participate in the Distinguished Visitor Day of EUPST II Comprehensive Live Exercise «Lowlands grenade - 2018» in Marnewaard, the Netherlands.

The NGU squad was evsluated as one of the best trained among 17 European countries' units involved in the training. That shows the effectiveness of the reforms of the National Guard of Ukraine, high motivation of the personnel and willingness to implement best European practices.

A final visit in 2018 was the participation as a full member-institution at the Summit of Directors and Commanders of the International Association of Gendarmeries and Police forces with military status - FIEP, which took place in Antalya, Turkey.


The main topic of the International Association of Gendarmeries and Police forces with military status -FIEP in 2018:

"Countering terrorist acts in public places"

In 2018, NGU representatives took part in the following FIEP Commissions:

    • International Affairs Commission in France (February).
    • Advanced Technologies and Logistics Commission in Qatar (April).
    • Service Organization Commission in Jordan (June).

During work in the Commissions, the joint working group on counter-terrorism activities and improvement of special-purpose units of the FIEP member structures was created. NGU representatives participated as observers in 3 anti-terrorist exercises conducted in Italy, France and Turkey within the mentioned working group.

As part of a membership in the Association, a representative of the National Gendarmerie of France visited Ukraine to provide practical assistance in creating a catalog of capabilities of NGU special operations units.

Based on work done, the "Basic course of anti-terrorist security" was developed for the implementation into NGU training process.

In addition, within the Association activity, it was initiated an experience exchange between educational institutions (centers) of the FIEP member-structures.


In February 2018, the delegation of the Department of Carabinieri Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova visited the National Guard of Ukraine. The aim of the visit was to get acquainted with the activity of NGU units, training facilities, logistics basis and practical training exercises for fulfillment both military and law enforcement tasks.

Taking into account the importance of the development of cooperation between the National Guard and the Carabinieri Troops, it was agreed to sign a bilateral protocol (memorandum) on cooperation. The next step to sign the protocol will be a return visit of NGU delegation to the Republic of Moldova.

In May 2018, representatives of the diplomatic corps of partner countries and international organizations in Ukraine visited NGU International Training Center (Stare village, Kyiv region) to familiarize with the functions and tasks of the National Guard of Ukraine, its role in ensuring state defense and security, as well as with the development plans and perspectives. Almost 50 military attaches and other foreign representatives from 26 countries of the world took part in the event.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of cooperation within the USA-Ukraine State Partnership Program, an official meeting of the US National Guard delegation headed by General Joseph L. Lengyel (Chief of the National Guard Bureau) and NGU Leadership took place in Kyiv. It indicates the interest of the US Government to continue an extension of cooperation.

In July 2018, the delegation of the California National Guard (CNG), headed by CNG Chief of Staff Colonel Nicole Balliet, visited NGU International Training Center to familiarize with the main tasks, functions and development process of the National Guard of Ukraine, as well as to discuss an initiation of a cooperation between CNG training centers and NGU International Training Center.

In October 2018, CNG Adjutant General and NGU Commander signed the Proclamation on the occasion of a 25-years State Partnership Program (SPP) between the National Guard of California and the National Guard of Ukraine, followed by negotiation on further cooperation between the institutions for 2019.

An important role in the development of the National Guard of Ukraine plays a bilateral cooperation with the Carabinieri Troops of Italy. It promotes an implementation of European approaches and practices into the activity of NGU units.

In October 2018, representatives of the Carabinieri Troops of Italy visited the National Guard of Ukraine to discuss an expanding of cooperation in different directions and to sign an arrangement on bilateral cooperation between institutions.

In October 2018, Colonel Andrea Paris – the Director of the NATO Stability Policing Centre of Excellence visited NGU HQ with the support of the NATO Liaison Office in Ukraine to brief NGU Leadership on the NATO Doctrine and Concept of stability policing.

In November 2018, Major-General William Seymour – the Deputy Commander of the Canadian Joint Operations Command visited NGU HQ and the International Training Center to evaluate the reform and development process, as well as to discuss the perspective directions of further cooperation and to sum up the training of NGU personnel by the Operation UNIFIER.

In December 2018, Lieutenant-General Jean-Marc Lanthier – the Commander of the Canadian Army made an official visit to NGU HQ to familiarize himself with the NGU tasks and to negotiate on a further and existing cooperation between NGU and the Canadian Joint Task Force in Ukraine.


A significant event for the National Guard of Ukraine was the signing a Technical Arrangement between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the Department of National Defense of Canada and Canadian Armed Forces (hereafter - Technical Arrangement) on May 18, 2018. Technical Arrangement includes activities of military training, capacity building and providing of comprehensive support.

Implementation of Technical Arrangement provides:

  • Training of units, including individual and collective training of personnel for carrying out security and defense missions;
  • training for the disposal of ammunition and improvised explosive devices;
  • medical training and organization of medical and logistics support;
  • modernization of logistics;
  • professional development and education of NGU representatives (training on Military Decisions Making Process (MDMP), interdepartmental planning, strategic leadership, foreign languages, strategic communications, etc.).

Within the Technical Arrangement, 9 joint activities have been implemented with the Operation UNIFIER in 2018. Among them: battalion headquarters training, development of a qualification standard and training programs for NCOs, development of Troops Leading Course for the cadets, evaluation of engineers training programs, training of mobile training teams (MTT) on MDMP.

Moreover, 20 NGU representatives have been trained in courses on defense resources management and civil-military cooperation in Georgia and Serbia with the Canadian support.


Within the State Partnership Program, the California National Guard provides an assistance in reforming NGU Headquarters to achieve interoperability with AFU and with military formations of partner-countries. During July-September, CNG representatives have held 3 courses on reforming NGU management system. The cooperation outcome was a development of a perspective model of NGU organizational and staff structure according to the «J-structure».


Considering the Euro-Atlantic Integration course of Ukraine and intensifying of NATO and EU Member States support, cooperation with NATO is one of the international cooperation priorities.

The National Guard of Ukraine as a component of the security and defense sector participates in many NATO initiatives and programs:

  • Cooperation with the NATO Liaison Office in Ukraine;
  • Partnership for Peace Planning and Review Process (PARP);
  • Annual National Program under the auspices of the NATO-Ukraine Commission;
  • NATO-Ukraine Joint Working Group on Defence Reform;
  • NATO-Ukraine Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP).

The joint project with Professional Development Program of the NATO Liaison Office in Ukraine on the implementation of the Euro-Atlantic integration training platform into the educational process of NGU National Academy substantially contributed to the institution development. The aim of the training platform is to form the understanding of NATO structure and idea for NGU representatives, especially future officers.

4 training modules were conducted on the basis of NGU National Academy in 2018:

• Strategic Communications Course (March);

• Crisis Management Course (May);

• Gender Issues Course (September);

• Leadership Course (November).

As an outcome of cooperation and development of capabilities for the European integration policy implementation into the activity of the National Guard, the Euro-Atlantic Integration unit was created at NGU National Academy.

Within the framework of NATO-Ukraine Building Integrity Program, NGU representatives participated in 11 events in Ukraine and abroad in 2018.

With the assistance of NATO Bureau for International Language Coordination (BILC), 3 NGU representatives improved foreign language skills abroad. Further, BILC representatives visited NGU National Academy to evaluate language learning programs and to provide recommendations for their improvement.

Within the Ukraine-NATO IPAP, NGU representatives perform training in NATO member-states' educational institutions. 12 NGU representatives participated in 12 events in Germany, Hungary, Romania and Italy in 2018.

Updated Partnership Goals (PGs) for Ukraine were finally approved for the new cycle of the PARP for 2018-2019. It provides an implementation of the 3 PGs independently, 3 - together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 8 - together with the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The National Guard of Ukraine, as a component of the security and defense sector of Ukraine, participates in the project for modernization of communication network and management together with other components of the sector within NATO-Ukraine Trust Fund - Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4).

Now, the National Guard of Ukraine takes part in implementation of the experience and knowledge exchange project. The aim of this project is to conduct expert consultations with NATO representatives on activity of the interagency task group «Tiger team». And it provides professional development and training activities for the representatives of security and defense sector (e.g. courses, MTT visits, multinational exercises, etc.).

Participation in the EOD & Counter IED Trust Fund enables NGU representatives to be involved in joint activities to evaluate the level of national and departmental capabilities in this area and to analyze potential support directions.


During the year, NGU representatives participated in training courses and advanced training courses abroad, in particular:

    • Training at Officers' School of the National Gendarmerie of France;
    • Training at the French National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN);
    • Participation in "Professional Intervention Monitor" course in France;
    • Participation in the Higher International Course at the Romanian Gendarmerie School;
    • Participation in the Program on Applied Security Studies at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies in Germany;
    • Training at US Army Sergeants Major Academy in Texas;
    • Participation in a mountain training workshop in Selva-di-Val-Gardena, Italy;
    • Participation in the International working group on psychological support of the soldiers in Latvia;
    • Participation in the workshop on criminal investigations in Zhengzhou, China.


Foreign advisors provide advisory assistance at NGU Headquarters within cooperation with the Romanian Gendarmerie, the US Embassy in Ukraine, as well as within the Technical Arrangement with Canada.


The National Guard of Ukraine constantly works on attracting international assistance to improve its capabilities in various areas.

The international project "Inclusion of the physical nuclear safety system of Ukraine into the global physical nuclear safety structure" is implemented together with the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency. The US Government allocated about 10 million $ for NGU needs within the project during 2016-2018.

Romanian Gendarmerie is one of the reliable partners for NGU capacity development to perform public order protection tasks and to improve the professional training system in accordance with the best European practices of similar law-enforcement formations. It was implemented 3 joint projects thanks to fruitful and close cooperation with Romanian Gendarmerie. In 2018, a new joint project "Technical Assistance for consolidating the National Guard of Ukraine" (cost 50 thousand €) was also held.

Also, thanks to the support of Romanian Gendarmerie and within the bilateral Ukrainian-Romanian working group, 6 EU projects on cross-border cooperation have been drafted (cost 600 thousand ).


Considering obtained experience during carrying out tasks in the Joint Forces Operation (JFO), and training of NGU representatives by NATO member-states instructors, NGU units constantly participate in international exercises in Ukraine.

in July 2018, representatives from NGU Southern Territorial Command along with Armed Forces of Ukraine, the United States, Georgia, and Moldova participated in international exercises "Sea Breeze - 2018". NGU personnel participated in exercises as instructors for training of the foreign representatives.

In September, the American-Ukrainian exercises "Rapid Trident-2018" took place at the International Peacekeeping and Security Center (Starychi village). Around 2,500 participants from 14 countries (the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Georgia, Lithuania, Turkey, Poland, etc.), including 183 NGU representatives, were involved in the training process.


NGU representatives as part of a civil-military cooperation group participated in the multinational exercises "Combined Resolve XI" in Hohenfels, Germany.

Within the 2nd European Union Police Services Training (EUPST II), large-scale practical exercises, trainings and workshops (seminars) are constantly conducted to improve the interaction of personnel from different countries, as well as to determine and use the best practices in all activity aspects (criminal investigations, riot control and community policing). NGU representatives participated in exercises as both individual police officers (IPOs) and as formed police units (FPUs).


Today, 15 NGU representatives take part in United Nations peacekeeping and security missions:

  • New York (UN Headquarters) - 1 rep.
  • Southern Sudan - 8 reps.
  • Democratic Republic of Congo - 5 reps.
  • Cyprus -1 rep.

In May-June 2018, UN Secretariat representatives conducted a selection of candidates to create UN reserve for participation in international peacekeeping and security operations. 13 NGU representatives passed the exam of the UN Commission and joined the UN reserve.


In 2018, NGU servicemen, wounded during performing tasks in the JFO and their family members underwent rehabilitation and recovery courses abroad:

      • in Georgia (15 people);
      • in the USA (1 person);
      • in Bulgaria (2 people);
      • in Poland (1 person).

Also, 14 children of NGU servicemen participated in the Children's Summer Military Camp in Saldus and 20 children participated in the International Youth Guard Camp "Baltic Guards - 2018" in Marupe, Latvia.


Within the planning and implementation of military cooperation between Ukrainian defense forces and the US Armed Forces, the National Guard of Ukraine participates in the Multinational Joint Committee (MJC), which was established to assist Ukraine in reforming its defense forces.

In 2018, representatives of NGU HQ attended 2 MJC meetings and 2 MJC Executive Committee meetings.

It should be noted that in 2018, the National Guard of Ukraine received international technical assistance from the US Government through MJC for a total amount of 25.2 million $.


During 2018, the following equipment were received through Ukrainian Security Assistance Initiative (USAI):

    • radio sets, satellite communication equipment, generators;
    • unmanned aerial vehicles;
    • multiple integrated laser engagement systems "MILES";
    • optical equipment, sights and night- sights;
    • medical equipment;
    • tents, modular sleep systems.

In total, the National Guard of Ukraine received technical assistance and humanitarian aid for more than 800 million UAH.

Within cooperation with the Embassy of Latvia in Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine delivered 200 tons of humanitarian aid to vulnerable populations of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.


The prospect of European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine requires increasing the foreign-language proficiency and a high level of professional communication skills of personnel.

During the 2018, 7 NGU representatives (including 2 language teachers) attended English and French courses in Canada within the Technical Arrangement.

Foreign representatives constantly provide assistance in teaching English and French, as well as holding classes with cadets and students at NGU National Academy and with officers at NGU Headquarters:

teacher of French at NGU National Academy ( from France);

teacher of French at NGU Headquarters (from France);

Operation UNIFIER representatives assist to hold intensive English courses at Kyiv Faculty of NGU National Academy (from Canada);

Doctrine and Education Advisory Group (DEAG) representatives assist to hold intensive English courses at Kyiv Faculty of NGU National Academy (from the USA);

teacher of English from "British Council" at NGU Headquarters.

Since 2016, intensive English and French courses have been conducted at NGU National Academy. From October 2018, English course have been launched at Kyiv Faculty.