NGO MG Guide to HLPF 2019

There are many different ways you can get involved with the NGO MG during the HLPF ranging from notes from meetings to social media - we have a lot going on. Check back frequently as this ‘living document’ will evolve alongside our engagement!

The information in this site is also available in this succinct guide.

Stay Informed!

Look for your HLPF 2019 Daily Blast. To register for the daily HLPF 2019 blast listserv, fill out the form below:

(please note, the general listserv will NOT be utilized during HLPF 2019)

Picking Up Your UN Pass:

Copy of NGO Major Group Guide to Getting Your UN Pass

Read this Major Groups and Other Stakeholders Information Note for important information on HLPF 2019.

View the Official & Side Events Programmes:

NGO Major Group Events:

  • Attend the daily briefings:
      • TBD

  • Attend the NGO MG Annual Meeting to help shape the NGO Major Group’s work towards HLPF 2019. Location: Baha’i Offices 866 UN Plaza, Suite 120. RSVP here.

  • Attend the NGO MG Side Event:
    • TBD

View the "Events and Notes" page for more information!

Where to Eat Around UN

Places to Eat Around the Area