The NGO Major Group is tasked with facilitating the participation and enhancing the engagement of non-governmental organizations in the processes directly and indirectly related to the High Level Political Forum.


We are organized as follows: task groups to prepare for the HLPF, thematic clusters to generate content on specific issues, and organizing partners to guide the work at different geographic levels. Please see below for how to engage.

Please check the calendar for important upcoming dates.

Task Teams for HLPF 2019

In order to join one of the task teams (initial sheet here), please fill out the 2019 Engagement survey

- Social Media (contact lead - coming soon)

- Logistics (contact lead - coming soon)

- Position Paper team (Kathryn Adams)

- Side event team (contact lead - coming soon)

- 2018 HLPF survey

Governance Structure (to be updated soon!)

Global Organizing Parnters

Baha'i International CommunityDaniel
International Association for Public ParticipationLeanne
Dianova InternationalVictoria

Regional Organizing Partners

Africa (Central)Save the ClimatBernard
Africa (Eastern)Regional Centre for International Development Coorperation.(RCIDC)(Uganda)Henry
Africa (Northern)Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights (Egypt)Ayman
Africa (Southern)Poverty Reduction Forum Trust (Zimbabwe)Judith
Africa (Western)Elizka Relief Foundation (Ghana)Kofi
CaribbeanCaribbean Policy Development CentreShantal
EuropeEuropean Environment BureauPatrizia
North AmericaConference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United NationsSoon-Young
PacificPacific Island Association of Non-Governmental OrganizationsEmele
South AmericaThe Millennials MovementRosario del Pilar Diaz