Exchange Listing Announcement

MCC Token will be listed in the "NEXYBIT" exchange on November 13, 2018 (01:30 AM UTC)

NEXYBIT is the new revolutionary Revenue Sharing Cryptocurrency Exchange, which is emerging at a rapid rate.

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NEXYBIT has held a strategic alliance with MCC and it has also maintained a close partnership with COIN ZEST, one of the largest exchange markets in Korea.

Aside from this NEXYBIT listing, MCC is currently in discussion for listing on one of the biggest exchange markets in the world .

We will continue to update you with any progress along the way.

■ MyCreditChain (MCC) Listing Schedule

▶ Following the MCC Token listing, there will be many events held to mark this milestone, so please keep updated. (See bottom of page)

What is NEXYBIT(Token and Futures mining exchange market)?

NEXYBIT is a revenue sharing token mining exchange that offers both token trading and futures trading to the entire world. Currently, the only cryptocurrency exchange market that offered both token and futures trading has been OKEx and it has maintained one of the world's highest volume of trades for a while. NEXYBIT aims to make various types of transactions transparent by providing token and futures trading all in one exchange market. NEXYBIT has applied a mining model similar to Bitcoin for both token and futures transactions. As Bitcoin improved security on the network through mining, NEXYBIT has created its own mining model that rewards users with NXY, the exchange's own token, to anyone who trades on the exchange thereby creating liquidity (transaction volume). In addition, users will continue to receive rewards based on total sales revenue on the exchange relevant to the number of NXY tokens they have.

NEXYBIT Homepage

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For more information, please visit the NEXYBIT Homepage(

We at the MCC Team would like to ask for your upmost support and interest .

Thank you.

To the moon~*

Best Regards,

MCC Team

MCC Airdrop Event for NEXYBIT Super Holders

There will be an MCC Airdrop Event for Nexybit Super Holders!

Massive Nexybit MCC Airdrop!

Airdropping over $40,000 worth of MCC Tokens!

  • Participants : Nexybit users with more than 100,000 NXY on average during the event period
  • [Nexybit Homepage : ]
  • Schedule : Nov 13th, 2018 (15:00 UTC) ~ Nov 20th, 2018 (14:59 UTC)
  • Total Airdrop MCC : 1,700,000 MCC
  • Average NXY Calculation Method : Average NXYs held from hourly snapshots during the event period
  • Airdrop MCC per Recipient : 1,700,000 MCC / Number of users with more than an average of 100,000 NXYs (1/n)
  • Airdrop Date : Within a month after MCC Listing


  • If users withdraw any NXYs from the Nexybit exchange during the period, the user(s) will be excluded from the winner(s).
  • If there is any suspicious or abnormal activity/transaction found, the prizes cannot be awarded.
  • Winners announcement and award dates are subject to change, and this will depend on Nexybit exchange.
  • This can be changed without notifying customers, and it will depend on Nexybit.

*Event related operations will be conducted by Nexybit

* If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a message on the official telegram chat group below or give us an email.