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Straight from the tower

Newtown High School

Principal: John Ficalora

World Languages Assistant Principal: Gabriela Altomarino

The way to read this magazine is to be aware that each article is available in French, Spanish and English. We are looking forward to the addition of Chinese in our next issue.


¡Feliz 120 años Newtown!

Joyeux 120ème anniversaire Newtown!

A few words from the students of Newtown, celebrating the 120th anniversary of the school!

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¡Escucha cualquier estación de radio del mundo aquí!

From the desk of Mrs. Altomarino

"We have embraced the launching of a multilingual digital magazine, whose main objective is to engage students in reading and writing in different languages, creating a magazine that reflects our philosophy of inclusion and diversity. A representation of our Newtown High School, our community and our global society. I am very proud of the outcome which is a result of the collaboration of a team of talented and dedicated students and teachers Ms. Fang and Ms. Vigil." By: World Languages Assistant Principal Gabriela Altomarino

Our magazine team speaks on the importance of languages...

Nuestro equipo nos habla sobre la importancia de los lenguajes...

"Language is a communication of thoughts, feelings and emotions."

" El lenguaje es una comunicación de pensamientos, sentimientos, y emociones."

Mirza Nowshin- Spanish II

"Language is the door to new cultures."

"El lenguaje es una puerta para muchas culturas nuevas."

Azlan Talat- Spanish II

"As a child of an immigrant family, I feel that languages are important for communication and connection."

''Como hijo de una familia inmigrante siento que las lenguas son importantes para la comunicación y la conexión''

Hilary Almanza -French II

"Language is the closest thing to art for a non-artist, no matter how bad it is the message can be conveyed"

''El lenguaje es lo mas parecido al arte para un no-artista, no importa cuan malo sea el mensaje que se puede transmitir''

Miki Chen -Chinese

"Language is an emotion through which humans are inspired and can innovate themselves everyday"

''El lenguaje es una emoción a travez de la cual los seres humanos son inspirados y pueden innovar a diario''

Vamshi Vallala- French II

"In order to assimilate and exchange cultural beliefs it's important to know other languages."

''Para asimilar e intercambiar creencias culturales es importante conocer otros idiomas."

Shamsun Nahar Khushi - French II

"Language is a way of connecting with others."

''El lenguaje es una forma de conectarse con otros. "

Nauman Ali - Lisani Shrestha - Spanish II

"Languages are important because it allows us to embrace a whole new world "

"Las lenguas son importantes porque nos permite abrazar un mundo completamente nuevo."

Jonathan Fils - French II

"Languages have helped me fully immerse in other cultures."

"Los lenguajes me han ayudado a sumergirme en otras culturas."

Khaliq Jolly- Spanish II

"No matter what culture we follow we are united and equal in this world."

"No importa qué cultura sigamos nosotros estamos unidos e iguales en este mundo."

Luis Ocotoxtle -Spanish Heritage II

"language is a huge factor in life that creates new friendships and knowledge."

"El lenguaje es un gran factor que crea nuevas amistades y sabiduría."

Ronald Espinoza- Spanish Heritage II

"Languages is the key to tolerance and understanding the world."

''Los idiomas son la clave para la tolerancia y la compresión del mundo.''

Ms. Vigil- Spanish teacher

" Language is the freedom to express ourselves in infinite ways."

"La langue est la liberté de nous exprimer de manières infinies."

''El lenguaje es una puerta abierta a la libertad.''

Ms. Fang- French teacher

April 2017