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MortgageUSA can show you that building a new home does not have to be difficult; we can help make it easier for you and your family.

Sure, there are still paint colors and cabinet knobs to consider, weather delays to sweat over, and a giant punch list at the end of the process to deal with but the financing? We make it easy with our One-Time Close Construction-to-Permanent loan option. Instead of the two phases typical of most construction mortgage programs where a first closing takes place at the start of building to finance the land and the build, followed by a second closing after the home is complete to put the permanent financing in place, there is just one closing with One-time Close . This one closing arranges financing for the construction, lot purchase (if applicable), and permanent loan, all wrapped up in one loan. With homes in high demand and low inventory in many areas, more home-buyers are turning to new construction. We can show you more ways of building your dream.


Stage 1: Builder/Retailer Approval & Loan Calculation Information on the plans, builder, and cost of construction are submitted

Stage 2: A full credit application is submitted

Stage 3: Construction Underwriting A detailed construction application is submitted including plans, land cost, cost of each phase of building, and more.


Lower Cost only one appraisal, one set of closing costs, and one underwriting and approval process. Get rid of the redundancy of a second closing and reduce all of the associated costs, allowing us to present a very attractive financing proposal to you the proud new homeowner!

Remove Interest Rate Risk by not having to wait until near the end of the construction phase to lock in a rate for the permanent financing, with a One-Time Close loan, the rate is locked before the single closing, and before construction begins. No buyers nervously watching the market throughout construction. No concerns that a rate uptick could jeopardize final approval.

No Payments during Construction. You will love this feature - Even though the final financing is in place at the start of construction, payments do not start until the home is complete. This frees up funds for alternate housing making building a home much more affordable.

No Requalification Before the builders break ground the closing is complete, and there is no need for the borrowers to be requalified at the end of the construction phase. This removes concern that the appraisal might expire, or something could pop up in underwriting to cause headaches, as the buyers are ready to move in to their new home.

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