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Affordable Veterinary Services

for Northeast Washington

Our state-of-the-art mobile surgery clinic is making it possible for us to have clinics in certain destinations around NE Washington, where care is limited for affordable spay, neuter, and vaccines.

Although we are mobile, you come to us at our chosen locations.

Our home base is in NE Spokane, WA

We look forward to serving you!

Why Spay Neuter?

Our Mission

Dr. Laura Talaga - Veterinarian

Meet the Doc!

Low cost Vaccine and Microchipping Clinic - Monthly (CLICK HERE)

  • FREE BRIEF EXAM included with vaccines or microchip. More about understanding vaccines
  • Dog vaccines - Rabies, DA2PP (4-way), and Bordetella (Kennel Cough)($15), Lepto ($25)

  • Cat vaccines - Rabies and FVRCP (3-way) ($15), Leukemia ($25)

  • Deworming ($10), bigger dogs $10 per 20#'s. Cats start at $5.

  • Simparica Chewable Tablets covers fleas AND ticks, one month $20, three months of chews for $55

  • Revolution for cats covers fleas and earmites -$10 per dose (monthly)

  • Microchipping (cost of registration included) ($30, includes tax)

Affordable Spay/Neuter Surgery

  • We pride ourselves on quality and honesty - Any concerns that may involve extra charges will be discussed BEFOREHAND, otherwise it's free.

  • We are a MOBILE practice so LOCATIONS VARY - surgeries are by appointment ONLY -You come to us- please call, text, or email!

  • All dogs go home with 3 days of pain medication (included). Cats receive a 24-hour pain injection.

  • All vaccines and microchips are discounted $5 with surgery.

  • Umbilical Hernia Repair $20 cats, $40 dogs, depending on type, discussed at drop-off

  • There is NO additional cost for pregnant, in-heat, or crypt-orchid animals - donations accepted

Blood work is recommended for pets age 6 or older, or pets that have medical issues, but optional, $90, done prior, within 2 weeks of procedure.

  • Dog Female (Spay) - up to 49 pounds - $95

    • 50+ pounds - $115

    • over 100 pounds- $155

  • Dog Male (Neuter) - up to 49 pounds - $75

    • 50+ pounds - $95

    • over 100 pounds-additional $135

  • Cat Female (Spay) - $60

  • Cat Male (Neuter) - $45

  • Community Cat - $25 - includes alter, Rabies, and Ear Tip (required for this price)

  • Community Cat package $40, includes alter, Rabies, FVRCP, Revolution, and ear tip.

                • If you are trapping community cats please contact us ahead of time for more information to arrange for timely surgeries when you catch your kitties!

  • Dentals offered November 1 through end of March to spayed and neutered pets ONLY.

  • If your pet is not spayed or neutered we offer a spay/neuter/dental combo, all year.

We Do Not Accept Care Credit or Pet Insurances

We Do Accept:

Cash, checks, debit, and credit cards accepted (cards have a service fee of $5 per $100 added)

Dentals begin in November. Available only a limited time each year.

Spayed or neutered pets only, or combination alter/dental

  • Dog under 35# - $170

  • Dog 35#-65# - $220

  • Dog Over 65# - $270

  • Cats $170, Stomatitis - $250

  • Antibiotics, if needed, is an additional $10. We do have a one time injectable antibiotic that starts at $25.

  • Dentals include age appropriate anesthesia, SQ fluids (IV catheter is $30 if recommended), pain management, cleaning/scaling, polish, includes all necessary extractions, toe nail trim, anal glands expressed, and 3-days of pain medication to go home for dogs, 24-hour pain injection for cats

  • ❤ Bloodwork is recommended for all pets age 6 and older, or pets with medical conditions, $90, done prior, optional

  • Spay/Neuter Dental Combination available to receive the dental all through the year

Clinic is OPEN Tuesday through Thursday 9AM-5PM


Call or Text (253)242-3031

Calls, emails, and texts are returned promptly during our business hours


To Schedule at the Ford clinic please contact Denise @ 509 258 4042

Happy summer!


3-7 PM in The FOUNDERS Room


- please bring vaccine records with you!

Northeast Community Center



(509) 487-1603

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