August 1 2018


Contained in this Newsletter are two announcements. The first announcement is the coaches who will be doing the Making the Cut Camp. It is with great pleasure that I can announce a world-class group of coaches. These are proven successful coaches who are used to working with the age of the camp participants.

The Head Coach is: Dr. Darren Cannell


Michele McKeown

Toaka Chie Imamura

Don Laing (Past SVA Coaching Pathway Coordinator)

For more about these coaches see the

The second announcement is the success of the Elite Academy Beach Competitive teams at the tournaments. This last weekend in Prince Albert the entered teams had a gold, silver, two bronzes, and a sixth-place finish. Congrats to Michele McKeown and all the teams on their success.

Now, This is Beach Volleyball

Ignite Jump Elite Academy

This is the best money you can spend to protect your knees. Learn to Jump and Land properly.

Offseason training time

We are coming up to the end of another month and the August Jump Training group is available on the website…so sign up as you will find it is the best way to prepare yourself for the up and coming school season.

Learn to Jump properly

The Jump training in July is the next time to work on jumping and landing properly before school volleyball begins. This is a great off-season training opportunity that every volleyball or basketball player should take in order to learn to jump and protect your knees.

We will allow people to register for all sessions for $140. There will be sessions every tuesday and thursday of the month. (It will start on Tuesday, 3th of July)

There will be a group from 6 - 7 pm. The group will only have 12 spots available.

If the 12 spots do not fill before the beginning of the month the sessions can be attended by purchasing a single ticket per day ($20).

This 60-minute session will focus on increasing the athlete’s ability to transmit force into the ground to improve vertical jump height. We will also focus on absorbing force through multiple movement patterns to improve agility. In these sessions the athlete will spend time learning how to jump and move more efficiently. We will look at each athletes functional movement screen and work to address the athletes asymmetries to make them more efficient. This efficiency will also aid in injury prevention to the hips, knees and ankles. We will use a variety of tools including resistance training, plyometric and ballistic exercises.

This session will also focus on a holistic approach to training. We will work on developing power, strength, agility as well as injury prevention. These training sessions will consist of prehab, agility, and basic fundamental athletic movements. The session will also focus on building strength through resistance training, mobility, stability, and core exercises.

Sign up for July now.

Upcoming Camp Information

Making the Cut Camp

Let us know your shirt size as everyone who attends will get a t-shirt.

August 27 - 30


Those of you who have already registered for the Making the Cut Camp will need to make sure that you completed the registration form before you attend. The link to the form is:

You should also reply to this email with your t-shirt size as each participant get the new version of the Elite Academy Logo t-shirt with the registration fee.

Each participant is required to bring their own indoor volleyball to the camp.

This camp is going to be bigger than last years but we do still have a few spots left as I have been lucky enough to secure a few more elite coaches for the sessions. REGISTER NOW

The school year is starting and then the tryouts for Junior and Senior teams begin. What will make you into the athlete that every coach wants on their team? Do you have the skills? Do you have the drive? Are you aware of what it takes to make the cut? This four-day cycle will give athletes what they need to make their school team.

Sessions will happen from 10-12pm, 2-4pm and 6-8pm each of the four days. You can buy tickets for individual sessions. The cycle spots will be given to Academy members first, athletes who want all 12 sessions second and non-members who don't want all the sessions third.

A total of 12 sessions

August 27-August 30 2018

Each day will have a session from 10 am -12 pm, 2 pm - 4 pm and 6 pm - 8 pm. The two-hour break in-between is so the athletes can get something to eat, shower, change and get ready for the next session. I know this might cause some issues for out of town athletes as it is difficult to figure out what to do for the two hours. My suggestion for those athletes is that they pair up with an athlete from Saskatoon so parents do not have to drive back and forth three times a day.

Day One (Hustle)

Session 1 - Introduction and underhand passing (Never walk)

Session 2 - Attacking (No Loose balls)

Session 3 - Game Play (Talk is cheap and annoying)

Day Two (No excuses)

Session 4 - Serving (Mistake recovery)

Session 5 - Blocking (Positive)

Session 6 - Game Play (Help teammates)

Day Three (Pay attention and eye contact)

Session 7 - Defense (Believe the coach)

Session 8 - Overhand passing (Respond to instructions)

Session 9 - Game Play (Location, Location, Location)

Day Four (Know your strengths and weaknesses)

Session 10 - Mental Practice (Practice your weakness)

Session 11 - Positions (Help others)

Session 12 - Game Play (Confidence not arrogant)

Register early as the spots in this cycle will be filled with new athletes to the Academy when we open up registration to the public. Register now to make sure you get in.

Making the Cut Coaching Bios

Dr. Darren Cannell Academy Head Coach

Darren has coached club volleyball for two decades. Was president of the Saskatchewan Volleyball Association for ten years and a Volleyball Canada Director for the same. He has coached provincial team, CANAM teams, and national teams.

Darren played 5 years university volleyball in Ontario (nominated all Ontario), senior club player, beach and on the masters national team.

Toaka Chie Imamura

Chie as a player in 1990 played in the Asian Junior Women's Volleyball Championship and won gold. She was awarded the best setter award. In 1991 she played in Women's U20 World Championship and won bronze. She was awarded the best setter award. In 1990 and 1994 she played for the University of Tsukaba Women's Volleyball Team. Tsukaba University was one of the top teams in Japan. In 1987 the Tsukaba University came to Saskatoon to play against the University of Saskatchewan and again in 1990 and Chie came with them. In 1994 Chie came to Saskatoon to be an assistant coach at the University of Saskatchewan. She has since that time coached Club volleyball, High school volleyball, Community volleyball and done individual practice in the province. By many she is considered to be one of the best setter coaches in the province.

Michele McKeown

Michele has been involved with volleyball as a player and coach for over 30 years. She has won provincial championships at the high school, club, senior, master, and beach levels. She has won Western Canadian titles and National Championships at various times over her career, and enjoys being part of the Team Canada Master’s program where she has travelled to tournaments in the U.S. and Greece. She loves to share her knowledge and passion for the game through her coaching at high school, club, and beach programs, but most importantly, enjoys creating opportunities for upcoming players to learn, understand, and gain her passion for the game of volleyball.

Donald Laing

Donald is a retired teacher of 32 years in Prince Albert. Past Saskatchewan Volleyball Association coaching pathway coordinator and National Coaching Certification Program volleyball facilitator.

Youth Camp

The goal of the Youth Elite Academy is designed to keep the youth (under 12 Years of age) active. The Academy will offer a variety of different activities so stay tuned.

The first cycle being offered in this academy is Volleyball Fundamentals for youths (girls) born in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

The Youth Elite Academy is offering a cycled called Volleyball Fun(damentals). This is a six week cycle offered at a St Joseph High School.

Dates: October 14,21,28 November 4,18 December 1 from 12:00-1:30 pm.

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