This policy will explain the reason that the user need to provide permission to the app for using particular functions.

The following list is shown that the user needs to grant permission to our app in order to access certain features, User may need to give permission on access of

  1. The user needs to catch a photo and upload it as reference for product, photo, news and services before submitting these newly information to server.
  2. Scan QR code for login personal Merchant account without accessing for entering user name & password.
  1. The user may need to choose the photo from the device storage or any other external storage that attached to device to upload it to product, photo and etc. Hence, the permission is needed in order to access the storage for app to take photo data from it.
  1. For showing the distance from the user's location to the searched companies, the user needs to provide permission to the app for calculating all these information.
  1. For ensuring the push notification & promotional news can reach to the user's mobile.

** For enabling these features, kindly following the instruction below:

  • Setting > Apps > Choosing NEWPAGES app > Clicking "Permissions" to switch on the particular permissions that are necessary > Quit Setting > Open NEWPAGES app