About Us

Our Garden Team!

Meet Ben!

Ben is the founder of New Moon Rising Community gardens, he has been working on community gardens for four years. The New Moon Rising project was originally founded in Hanover, PA and moved to Alfred NY in 2019. His favorite thing about running a community garden is probably the rewarding feeling of sustainability and a healthy way of life. Ben also enjoys studying quantum physics and Einsteins relativity. He is currently working towards his black belt at the Alfred martial arts academy. Pictured here with him is his cat Moon, who loves gardening with the crew!

Meet Ffion!

Ffion is the administrator and a gardener at New Moon Rising, this is her first year working on the project. She is a student at Alfred University studying the Ceramic arts with an education minor. She has been working on community gardens for a few years. Her favorite thing about running a garden is digging in the dirt with the chickens and the cats. Ffion also enjoys running a club at the university, swimming, and enjoying time with friends. Here she is pictured in Rochester, her hometown.