New Model Media is a specialist digital media consultancy run by Matthew Smith, who has over 10 years experience in the media and publishing industry.

During his career Matthew has led publishing eCommerce teams that have driven over £3bn in retail sales for partners globally . Prior to launching New Model Media Matthew spent six years at Future plc, as eCommerce Managing Director, where he led the rapid expansion of their eCommerce business, growing annual affiliate revenue from £4m to well over £100m.

Why New Model Media?

New Model Media was founded on the belief that with the right strategy there is an opportunity for every publisher to unlock a high growth and high margin revenue stream from eCommerce.

As consumer behaviours have shifted even further towards online shopping and research, quality independent publishing has become essential to the online purchase journey. Publishers are uniquely placed to offer high quality, expert and trusted buying advice that helps their communities of readers, watchers and listeners buy products that improve their lives.

This change has created a new model for digital media success. One built on diversified, recurring revenues, excellent user experience, high value content, trusted relationships and authoritative service journalism.

Whether you are new to eCommerce or are looking for the right strategy to drive a step change in affiliate revenue growth, we are here to help.

Our Services

01 | Performance Audit: An audit of your current affiliate revenue strategy, highlighting areas of underperformance and offering recommendations for improvements. Covering all aspects of your affiliate business including content, SEO, commercial partnerships, data and reporting, affiliate price comparison technology, and user experience.

02 | Affiliate Strategy: Detailed strategy insight that will help you put in six month, twelve month and five year strategies to supercharge your affiliate revenue growth. This includes detailed best practice for content, UX, reporting and commercials, as well as P&L forecasting and organisational staffing plans.

03 | Mentoring & Advice : Continuous support for your Commerce & Leadership teams, advising on business decisions, strategy, recruitment and partner negotiations. This can include monthly and quarterly check-ins, assessment of eCommerce goals and reviewing potential M&A targets.


For enquiries about our services, pricing, or for any other questions please email us at:

Our Clients


Aaron Asadi, former Chief Content Officer, Future PLC

We were blessed with many great talents at Future but no one more impactful and more essential to a single area than Matt. In eCommerce, no category has grown, no brand has flourished, no commercial deal won, no technical initiative landed, no report published, without his involvement and influence.I have been in awe of very few people in my life, but I am of Matt.”