Frequently Asked Questions


Is there anything I should know before I come to church?

Some of us are formal and others are informal. Our worship service is easy to follow, you will never feel as though you have been singled out, and we give you our solemn promise that if you visit on Sunday morning we will not show up at your door on Sunday afternoon!

We share communion at least once each month and we practice open communion.

You are a fairly new church so does that mean that you are contemporary in your worship style?

New Hope is best described as “traditional” without being “high church”. We believe that worship is a both a privilege and a duty, and that when we worship we are giving thanks and praise to a Sovereign God. We value beauty, symmetry, harmony and the arts when we worship God. Most of our hymns are traditional and the tunes familiar, but just as we often invite classical musicians to play for the glory of God, we would welcome a contemporary hymn that was well written and had the potential to stand the test of time. Most of us are average singers so while our music is selected for content we also strive for ease in singing. God desires that we sing in praise of him and that is hard to do if the tune is out of our range or beyond our abilities! Music at New Hope is not a performance, but rather a gift that is shared.

Do you belong to any of the mainline denominations?

No, we do not. New Hope was chartered by a group of people who had grown weary of denominational politics. We are an Independent Church.

We say that our theology is overwhelmingly reformed (We hold to the tenets of the Reformation) but we are humble and honest enough to leave room for doubt,

Our government is Presbyterian in nature. We call ourselves Presbyterian because we are mutually submissive to one another. We are structured so that there is one teaching and preaching elder and several ruling elders. These elders make up our leadership board – each receiving an equal vote – and make the primary decisions for the church. This would be different from a congregational church where the decisions are often made by the pastor alone, or every decision is taken to the congregation for a vote. We are often described as a hybrid church because like Baptist churches, we do have quarterly congregational meetings and the board values the opinions and desires of the congregation as a whole. This form of government often allows us to use common sense in solving problems and making decisions instead of relying on a multi-step set of rules that often cause needless delays and bureaucracy.

This governmental structure was tested five years ago when we embarked on the purchase of property for the church and we found the structure and organization was efficient and resilient. We think we will keep it!

How often do you have congregational meetings?

We have congregational meetings four times per year. The primary reason we have congregational meetings is to give the board an opportunity to share information with the congregation and to provide a forum for the congregation as a whole to discuss issues and ideas with the board.

Does New Hope have programs for everyone?

New Hope is committed to being flexible and innovative in order to meet the needs of those who enter our doors, yet we maintain a strong tradition of exceptional, use and meaningful Christian Education.

We do offer programs for many ages. However, our primary goal is to create a church family, which means that we often conduct activities together. One such activity is our Family Bible Study, which we advertise as being for ages 5 to 105. Young people are around their peers every day, so we place an emphasis on mentoring and group activities that cross demographics and life experience. However, there are times when it is appropriate to break into age-graded groups and we never hesitate to do this when it is warranted.