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Getting professional help with your SEO is vital for long term sustainable results. Our strategies only include the very latest in industry standards that Google loves for giving your website the online visibility it deserves. Our Newcastle SEO services will provide your business the brand recognition you've been striving for!!

Getting traffic from Google after we've achieved high rankings means nothing if your site visitors aren't making calls or filling out enquiry forms or even making purchases. Once your website is receiving increased traffic, we will evaluate the analytics of your site to determine what site visitors are doing and make recommendations to you or your web-developer for improvements to the elements that will increase conversion rates.

If your website is outdated, and could do with a re-design, then our in house development team can design a fresh website with your brand in mind. packed full of high conversion elements and code that is optimised for high search rankings on Google, your new mobile responsive website will be a business asset that delivers you long term leads and potentially sales.

We know how vital it is for businesses to have a full suite of highly optimised social media profiles. Brand recognition and trust can be hard to build, so having a social media network that works for your business, to deliver high quality content can attract prospective customers, and keep them coming back for more.

With everything that is happening in the online marketing space, you are hard pressed as a business owner to cut through all the noise to find a reputable SEO agency to hire.

As a result of recent Google algorithm updates, there have been a multitude of companies...just like yours that have lost a large amount of referral traffic from Google. This means a loss in website visitors and ultimately lost customers.

Thats why we only deal with Search Engine Marketing in Newcastle, as we understand how local businesses operate. We pride ourselves as being Novocastrians, and love to help local Newcastle companies achieve greater results from online marketing, than they have perhaps received in the past.

We're also tragic Knights fans!!!

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So what are some of the things you can expect from us as SEO experts?

Well first of all, our team are locally based and we perform all SEO tasks in-house. We don't trust anyone to rank our own website, and we sure as hell don't belief we should be outsourcing the highly technical work to overseas companies...that are still doing things the old way.

More to the point though, our Newcastle SEO services include but not limited to:

  • On-page technical audit of your website to determine how well Google understand the content within
  • Full comprehensive and free report of our findings with clear instructions for implementation of our recommended changes and updates.
  • On-boarding / consultation program to better understand your business, your goals and outcomes. should you choose us to implement the recommended changes and updates.
  • Tracking of your most valuable keywords for the purpose of further optimising your website to continually increase traffic.
  • Providing you updates and recommendations on any further brand recognition and authority building campaigns to increase search term rankings in medium to high competition markets.
  • Monthly reports on the tasks completed and the current positions of tracked keywords.

More about how SEO can help your business

Ever wondered why you get so many calls from overseas companies pitching you SEO services?

Well apart from the fact they are totally annoying...yes we get them calling us to.

They're actually trying to offer you a substitute to traditional marketing that at best can provide mediocre results.

You see, most Newcastle business owners still take up Yellow pages ads, and them wonder why they have no money left for their marketing budget.

They never stop to think, is this way actually providing us results.

So my question to you is... When was the last time you used the Yellow pages to look for a service or product you were in need of?

Im guessing it was a long time ago!!

That's because you would be hoping online (desktop or mobile) to search for a product or service that fulfills your needs.

And so as a business owner, have you taken the time to search for products and/or services related to your own business?

Where did your website show up as?

First page...Second page or perhaps 3rd or 4th

You might not know, but Google tells us from its very own data that over 80% of people who perform a search will click on one of the top 3 spots for any given search query.

Lets think about that for a minute.

...Even the websites on the bottom of first page are receiving considerably less clicks and traffic than those of the top 3.

So if your business website is not with the top 3 results for any search term queries related to your own products and/or services, you are in need of our SEO services.

Newcastle SEO - Resilient Digital Search Engine Optimisation

We would absolutely love to help your business achieve greatness, and build a brand that you as the owner can be proud of.

To learn more about our business, and help you to feel more trustworthy of our services, please visit the many documents and links on this page.

Of course we would also love to hear from you.

So be sure to make contact with us. Our Newcastle SEO agency is here for your business.

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