Sufferers from around the world unite!

Dear Sufferer:

Whether you like it or not you are volatile to easily being made to think that our planet is flat,that because of the Chinese you are losing your jobs,that the Russians interfered in your elections,that marketing is easy and you quickly can amass a small fortune just from belonging to a list and trying to get others to become a part of your very own list etc. etc..You have been brainwashed ,manipulated and victimized by smart cheaters who exploit this phenomenon for their own benefit - they have inserted you in a kind of a spreadsheet whereby there is a cell for each and everyone of you and each and everyone of you belongs to a certain cell.The same guys have done the same thing to all the countries on our suffering planet to make it easier for them to live off the efforts of the rest of the people just by pushing buttons and now luckily several centuries later this is coming to an end.Your problem is that you are accustomed to this dependency and you lack the Know How and the How To to kiss your cheaters good bye.You badly need them,you crave to be brainwashed,manipulated - you want to be a follower.You want to get your pay-dose on Friday so that to have your six-beer pack(marijuana or whatever you are addicted to).Please try to understand that this what I have been talking to you this far is in its essence the modern world translation of the same thing that Marx and Lenin wrote about more than 100 years ago - now 100 years later basically nothing has changed for the better and just like your grand grand grandparents you can lose only your chains and your dependency.Forget about the "making America great again" - this is just the propaganda tool in the hands of the cheaters to keep you in the proper cell which they have assigned you to so that to keep you quiet brainwashed,addicted and zombie-like follower.

Now they are trying to manipulate you that 10 maximum 20 years from now they will give you cures for just about any disease and life will be prolonged and aging reversed.They plan to throw you to colonize the moon,Mars,the Universe,the Cosmos, and the Black Holes.

To cut it short,they have made you lose your human nature, your Sapiens essence.

Why am I telling you all this.Because this that I am about to offer to you is not the "something that I have found yesterday while surfing on Internet".Right at this point go to your Spam folder and browse for a while the Subject lines of the emails there.It would appear that the great majority of you enjoy to be a part of a list and you accept it as your weekend chores - "Oh,I have to mail my fellow membership site members.O.K. - hey guys,this is going to be huge,grab it now while the price is so low.Done!Nice job!" Just like the guy who came home late at night and his wife wanted to give him what she has cooked for him and he just said:"No,I am not going to eat,cause I am so tired and tomorrow I have to get up earlier - so I am just going to f --k and then going to bed."

What I offer to you is not just for every Tom,Dick and Harry.Although,I am confident that it has the capacity to positively impact the life of just about anybody, not just about everybody will be able to recognize its potential as illustrated above.

I need victims,sufferers,seriously ill persons who can receive immediate positive change in their personal circumstances - I need their feedback and testimonials.

Please be advised that not all will be lucky.They are entitled to a full refund.

Hence,in addition to the $10 that I am asking for to send you the know-how,I require that you enclose a photocopy of a official document from a medical institution that you have been diagnosed with a certain disease and I need to know whether you are taking any medication.

The $10 should be paid to Petar Petrov at his account ,Solid Trust Pay,petrpetrov,

I need this money to continue my research,not to buy burgers and beer for me!

And at the end, here comes the most difficult part - this is just 50% of a bigger research project so here is my Word Of Warning to you:It is very simple,very basic and elementary but you should not take it lightly - strictly do the things as per my instructions - it can not get any easier than that - even a five year old child can do it and it takes just couple of minutes but should be done once an hour at least 7 times per day each and every day for at least 1-3 months!

By now,you should have understood that this is not some pie-in-the-sky, mambo-jumbo,etc.Make no bones about it!

Most probably you are not the appropriate audience for this but to prove to you that I am not doing it for money I am limiting this offer to the first 30 sufferers who buy it!

So this is not about list building or income producing.

This is about mind and body placebo effect-like healing of 30 sufferers!