2018 Workshop Schedule

Plymouth State University, Silver Arts Center

Friday, October 19, 2018

PSU Presents: Mary Poppins @ 7:00pm

Special NHETG Rate for tickets: $10 per person

(Schools should purchase Mary Poppins tickets directly from the Silver Center Box Office:


Hosted by the Theatre Division of the Department of Music, Theatre and Dance


8:45-9:15 am - Warm Up with Plymouth Players- The PSU Improv Group

Drop off at Silver. Parking is allowed in lots at the Welcome Center/Ice Arena. Faculty sponsor should register for all students in Room 130. ALL STUDENTS will move immediately into the Hanaway Theatre.


9:20-9:30 am – Scott Giessler, NHETG President and Paul Mroczka, PSU Director of Theatre

SESSION ONE 9:45-10:45am

SESSION TWO 11:00-12:00

Lunch 12:00-1:15


SESSION FOUR 2:30-3:30

SESSION FIVE 3:45-4:45

SESSION SIX 4:55-5:15

  • Hanaway Theatre FINALS: TECH OLYMPICS Everyone PSU Students

PSU FALL Production: Mary Poppins 7:00


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Scott Giessler

President, NHETG

c/o Kingswood Regional High School

384 South Main Street

Wolfeboro, NH 03894

PSU/NHETG Workshop Descriptions from 2017

(2018 workshops are still to be determined!)

Silver Tour- Go up and around and all through the state-of-the-art Silver Arts Center, which hosts and produces hundreds of performances every year. (Offered every session)

Silver Ghost Tour- Looking for something to get you in the Halloween spirit, then discover the spirits that haunt the hallways, shops, performance, and storage spaces at the Silver Arts Center. All tour conducted by theatre major and paranormal specialist Clay Harbert. (Offered every session)

Tech Olympics- Learn to focus a light, drive a screw, tie a knot, strike some props and set some others, and help an actor with a costume change. Speed counts in scene changes and so too in this friendly competition of a theatre tech obstacle course. The fastest of each session will compete at the closing session on stage to the cheers of 400 thespians. Compete and conquer! (Offered every session)

Lighting Instrument Basics- Get up-close and personal with a wide range of lighting instruments. Learn about how to use various instruments effectively. John Findlay (Theatre Major with options in Design/Tech and Acting) teaches this class. (Offered every session)

Improvisation Workshop- Theatre improvisation led by PSU’s Plymouth Players. (Offered every session)

Stage Management- Find out what a stage manager does and what it takes to be one. Becca Beaulieu (Theatre Major with a Contract Option) teaches. (Offered Sessions 1 & 2)

Much Ado About Shakespeare- A lecture/discussion about Shakespeare, his plays, and times, as well as about the theatre today. Run by Jessie Chapman (PSU Graduate in Theatre, MFA Theatre Brooklyn College, Guest Director Much Ado About Nothing, and Business Manager Advice to the Players) (Offered Session 1)

What’s a Theatre Degree Worth? - That’s a good question. Paul Mroczka (PSU Director of Theatre; Professor of Dramatic Writing & Directing and freelance director and writer) and some PSU Theatre Majors discuss the practical nature of a theatre degree. (Offered Session 1)

How to Audition Successfully- How can you get the most out of your two to five minutes when you audition? Fran Page (PSU Graduate in Theatre, MFA Theatre Goddard College, Guest Director Sweet Charity and freelance director) reveals the secrets to success. (Offered Session 1)

Essential Knots- Learn and practice tying all the knots a theatre technician should know. Taught by Bob Bruemmer (Technical Director, Silver Arts Center and Teaching Lecturer in Theatre) (Offered Sessions 1 & 3)

Blood and Gore for Halloween- How to create stage blood and gore that looks ghoulish and doesn’t leave those terrible stains. Taught by Danee Grillo (Theatre Costume Shop Manager and Costume Designer; Teaching Lecturer Theatre) (Offered Sessions 1, 2, 3 & 4)

Scenic Design: Much Ado About Nothing- Get the inside scoop on the design process, tools and techniques, and more. Taught by Marni Balint (PSU Graduate in Theatre, MFA Theatre The Ohio State University, Guest Designer Much Ado About Nothing and freelance designer) (Offered Session 1)

Making Theatre Sound- A basic “how to” on creating sound for the stage. Taught by Tyler McCarthy (Theatre Major with an option in Design/Tech). (Offered Sessions 1, 2 & 3)

One-Word Playwriting Festival- Write a short play that may be read aloud by PSU actors. The top three finishers in each session win candy! Run by Katherine Pereira (Theatre Major with options in Dramatic Writing and Acting) and John Rumore (Theatre Major with options in Dramatic Writing and Acting). (Offered Sessions 1 & 3)

How to Read a Light Plot- Most people in the theatre have no idea how to do this. It’s a great thing to know and essential if you’re going to work in lighting in any way. Michael Portrie (Silver Arts Center Sound and Light Technician) teaches this one. (Offered Sessions 1 & 5)

The Drama Machine- This machine uses a random number generator to create innovative, unique, and surprising dramatic premises. Instructor: John Rumore (Offered Sessions 2 & 5)

Scene Study Basics- For actors who want to better understand how to approach character within the context of a scene. Fran Page runs this workshop. (Offered Session 2)

Directing: Creating & Creative Space- This workshop allows students to explore nontraditional playing spaces and to stage short scenes in them. Taught by Director of Theatre Paul Mroczka and Val Umbro (Theatre Major with options in Acting and Directing). (Offered Session 2)

Lighting Design: Much Ado About Nothing- A demonstration and explanation of the lighting techniques used in our current production of Much Ado About Nothing. Workshop run by Matt Kizer (PSU Professor of Design and Technology; Chair: Music, Theatre & Dance and freelance designer) (Offered Session 2)

Fun with Foam- How to use foam as a scenic and design tool. Instructor: Bob Bruemmer (Offered Session 2)

Musical Theatre- Demo/Workshop- Bring a musical theatre song your working on to this session, as a music director works with PSU students on a few numbers and will then work with a few of those in attendance. Workshop is provided by Andrew Morrissey (PSU graduate in Music, MFA Musical Theatre Composition Catholic University and Guest Music Director and Conductor Merrily We Roll Along) (Offered Sessions 2, 3 & 4)

Performing Heightened Text- Learn some of the techniques you can use when acting a scene written in verse. Instructor: Jessie Chapman (Offered Session 2)

Scenic Art- Learn scenic painting techniques through this hands-on experience. Instructor: Marni Balint (Offered Sessions 3 & 4)

The Theatre & Being Professional- The theatre is a business and those in the business who work a lot adhere to professional standards. Find out what’s expected of those in the business. Instructor: TBA (Offered Session 3)

Broadway Dance Moves- Learn the choreography to a Broadway dance number or two! Workshop is run by Sam Boyle (Theatre Major with an Option in Music Theatre Performance) and Sophia Shay (Theatre Major with an Option in Music Theatre Performance) or Molly Stone (Theatre Major with an Option in Music Theatre Performance) (Offered Sessions 3, 4 & 5)

Projections as a Scenic Design Tool- The use of animated projections has become standard in the industry. Here’s a workshop focusing on this cutting edge design element. Instructor: Matt Kizer (Offered Sessions 3 & 4)

Directing Techniques- A lecture/demo and discussion of specific directing techniques that may be used to create dynamic and interesting scenes. Instructor: Paul Mroczka (Offered Session 3)

Auditioning with Cold Readings- Discover how to get the most out of your audition when having to read from a script without any preparation. Presented by Beth Daily (PSU Professor of Acting and Voice & Diction and freelance actor) (Offered Sessions 4 & 5)

100 Ways to Rehearse a Scene- How many different ways can you approach one scene? The methods and variations are limitless. Instructor: Jessie Chapman (Offered Session 4)

Making Stage Space Work for You- If you know how to use theatre space, you can make amazing things happen. This workshop is all about how to utilize theatre spaces effectively and efficiently. Instructor: Paul Mroczka (Offered Session 4)

College Theatre Program Auditions/Interviews- How should you prepare for and what should you expect from your audition and interview for a university theatre program? Cam Downing (Theatre Major with an option in Acting) offers this very useful workshop. (Offered Session 5)

Discovering Your Clown- Find the true clown in yourself! This workshop will get you up, moving, and discovering. Instructor: Jessie Chapman (Offered Session 5)

Creating New Work- How do you go about writing, developing, and creating new plays and musicals for the theatre? Paul Mroczka and Andrew Morrissey offer insights. (Offered Session 5)