Hosting a Regional Festival on 3/14/2020

Host: Rebekah Billings

Technical Information


  • Stage opening is 35 feet wide.
  • It's 30 feet deep on stage R, and 16 feet deep SL.
  • Apron is 9.5ft deep SR and 6ft deep SL.
  • "back stage" area is on SL, and is 16d x 8w. There is no SR wing.
  • There are no stage level entrances SR.
  • There is a cut out for stairs and a wheelchair lift DSR to the pit.
  • The floor is painted black and cannot be drilled into.
  • Set storage is EXTREMELY minimal, just a hallway.
  • Set load-in for storage would be in through a standard set of school double doors, and either be carried out of the building and around to a backstage garage door and then down a set of stairs, or in through the auditorium itself.
  • Seating 300.

Soft Goods:

  • Grand traveler: Red, standard meet-in-the middle arrangement.
  • 4 movable black legs, 8 ft wide.
  • A blue cyc on a back traveler.
  • The SR wall is covered by a black curtain.

Sound & Lights:

  • Sound is controlled by a mixer and amp in the booth.
  • There are walkie talkies backstage, booth and in the green room.
  • Lighting: All LED controlled by and ETC Element Console.