Hosting the State Festival on April 6 & 7, 2018

Participant Registration Packet | Non-Performing Registration Packet

Technical Information 1/16/2015


  • Proscenium: 36’6” Wide, 13’4” High
  • Stage: 37’4” Wide, 25’ Deep (Apron to wall)
  • Apron: 6’ 9” Deep at center
  • Pit: 13.8 below stage floor
  • Left Wing: 36’ High, 14’ Wide, 25’ Deep
  • Right Wing: 36’ High, 14’ Wide, 25’ Deep
  • Load-in Doors: 9’5” Wide x 11’ High
  • (Garage door) – loads directly into SR wing
  • Seating: 600


  • Mackie 32 channel, mixer in booth.
  • 2 Wireless Handheld Microphones.
  • Inputs: 28 xlr, 1/8” mini-phone, 32 ¼” phone jacks, & 2 RCA phonos available for your computer, MP3 & your CD player


  • 1 follow spots in back of house (by booth)
  • ETC Element Console


  • 4 Hardwired intercom stations:
  • • 2 in booth
  • • 1 in R wing
  • • 1 floater (can be SL or with spot)

Soft Goods:

  • Travelers are dark blue.
  • Legs & teasers are black.
  • Travelers, teasers & leg tracks are dead hung.
  • Travelers are operated manually from the right wing.
  • Legs slide L/R; downstage legs can rotate
  • Traveler: flush w/ Plaster Line.
  • Leg 1 (rotates): 6’10” up of Plaster Line.
  • Leg 2: 11’ up of Plaster Line
  • Leg 3: 18’ up of Plaster Line.
  • Cyclorama: Lt. Blue
  • 23’6” up of Plaster Line at US wall

Other: 2 Step ladders will be available.


 See the Lighting Plots for further information on the festival stage lighting.

 There is one follow spot. It is located in the back of the house by the booth. The spot can be across the whole stage (downstage and upstage) and can reach the front of the house.

 There is a permanent LCD projector and a screen DS of the main drape. It can fill the center 2/3 of the cyc. Contact Bob Jaques regarding image format/dimensions & aspect ratio.

 We are working on creating a thorough lighting cheat sheet. This will be emailed separately as soon as it becomes available


o There is no real crossover space upstage in our theater. There is about 4 feet of space between the cyc and the wall that actors can pass behind (carefully) without causing too much movement on the cyc. Just be sure to warn actors of this if you are having them cross upstage without any scenery blocking their movement.

o Our technical director and student assistants have created a website with detailed information regarding our theater lighting and sound systems and set-up. Please feel free to utilize these pages in addition to the technical information contained in this packet and e-mailed to you at a later point. Website

CAD files of the theatre are available at .