Festival Participant info

Festival Enrollment

First, fill out and mail the Early Enrollment Form before December 1.

Later, when you know more about your show, submit the Enrollment Questionnaire Google Form. An invitation to the Enrollment Form should be emailed to all directors by December 1st. The Enrollment Questionnaire must be submitted by December 15th. This provides the information required to determine which festival you will attend. You will receive confirmation emails for both the forms and the check. The fee is non-refundable.

2018 Festival ENROLLMENT DEADLINE: December 1st

2018 festival dates & sites

January Directors' Meeting

Bow High School, Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 11am (snow date Sunday 1/14, 3pm)

All directors are welcomed at the January meeting but directors new to NHETG Festival are required to attend. As a Guild, we continue to grow, and we want to keep new members as informed as possible. This meeting not only helps to make new members feel more comfortable but also allows hosts to do their best. It is a good time to clear up misconceptions and deal with any questions or concerns from any of our members as well. Any school with a new director (someone not previously at this meeting) OR a student director must send an adult director or adviser to this meeting. Additional representatives, including students, are certainly welcome as are any other participating school’s directors. A school with a new director that is not represented at this meeting may be dropped from the Festival.

NHETG Board meeting at 9am

Festival Host meeting at 10am

Registration Process

You will receive an email after the January Directors’ Meeting with a link to the an extensive Registration Google Form. Fill out as much of the form as you can right away. Until everyone fills out the form it will be impossible to develop the festival schedule. Please enter something for every question. If you don’t have an answer yet, enter a question mark, “?”, “none”, “n/a” or “0”. After submitting the form, you will automatically get a confirmation email with a link to edit the form. Save that email or follow the link and bookmark/favorite it so you can go back to revise your submission in the future. About 2 weeks before the festival you will be notified that the form will be closed to future changes to allow your host to finalize plans. Hopefully there will be no further changes but if there are, you will need to email your host.

Participant Info

All of these documents need to be addressed by all directors.

Participant Forms & Templates

The PAPERWORK CHECKLIST explains when to send which forms where. Form purposes are explained here.

Booklet Size program: Laconia - 2018

Full Size Program: Concord, Kingswood, Kearsarge - 2018

To use these forms either Make A Copy or Download. Please do not request sharing.