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2020 Festival Season is CANCELLED

Dear NHETG Members

It is with a heavy heart that I must inform all of you that the remainder of the NHETG Theater Festival season has been canceled. To this point, we have had both Kingswood and Laconia Regionals canceled, and we find it extremely likely moving forward that our other locations would suffer the same fate as well.

In addition, we are also experiencing a good deal of schools that, per order of their district, have had to bow out. It seems prudent at this time to not put any more schools through the experience of continued planning, only to have those students meet with disappointment down the line.

This means that both the Salem Regional and the Gilford State festival are canceled. We will endeavor to refund registrations to all schools that did not get a chance to perform. This will take us time to process, so we ask you to be patient.

We are very grateful to all of those who were a part of this process, and we are saddened that we are unable to gather, and recognize all of the incredible hard work all of the students have put into their productions. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any and all questions.

On behalf of the board, I wish all of your theatre programs well in their future endeavors.


Scott Giessler

President, NHETG

About NHETG:

The primary goal of the New Hampshire Educational Theatre Guild (NHETG), is to support, promote and celebrate the dramatic arts at the high school level in the Granite State. Hosting theatre festivals, student conferences, and teacher professional development workshops, the NHETG fosters growth through sharing.


Its the signature event, the state-wide theatre festivals, annually bring together high school theatre programs from around the state. Each of these regional festivals consists of 6-8 high schools performing their one-act shows for one another. After each performance, the festival provides structured, constructive feedback both from the fellow student audience members as well as theatre professionals. At the end of the festival, awards are presented to students and groups for outstanding performances and technical elements.

From these Regional Festivals, shows are selected to perform at the NHETG State Theatre Festival. The structure of this festival is similar to that of the regionals. Finally, two shows are chosen from the State Festival to perform at the New England Theatre Festival, which is held in a different New England state each year.

"What I like about the NHETG festivals is the experience. Having 24 schools come together that share the same interest as you, who also help you and continue to support you on the journey. Meeting people and facing challenges you don't expect along the way. And the rush you feel after performing your show, nothing is better than that."

-Kyleigh Moore

Technical Theatre Student

A Festival Experience


The NHETG also sponsors Theatre Workshops at Plymouth State University in the fall. Whether your interests lie on stage or behind the scenes, this day of workshops has something for everyone. Here is the first opportunity of the school year for high school theatre programs to get to know each other, and learn a great deal about their craft in the process.

RICH SMITH inducted as Life Time Member of the New England Drama Council!

Congratulations to Richard Smith, our beloved Treasurer! Rich has been a dedicated member of both the NHETG and the NEDC for many years, acting as their commendations writer. On Saturday, April 28th, Rich was inducted as a Life Time Member of the NEDC.

The New England Drama Festival Opening Ceremonies

Hosted by our very own Gilford High School, presented on April 26th, 2018

The New England Drama Festival Closing Ceremonies

Hosted by our very own Gilford High School, presented on April 28th, 2018