Our Mission

Energetic Painting dedicated to Michele by Katie Klein

In Memoriam of Michele Salinas, Founder of the Lotus Center

Michele transitioned from her earthly body this past September 2019. Her compassionate care and dedication to providing wellness offerings to the community, continues through the collective of wellness practitioners here at the Lotus Center.

We as practitioners, strive to continue the original mission of the Lotus Center. As individuals, we have come together as a collective to share with our community. With a variety of offerings, we aim to fully support the individual needs of our clients. Our intention is to create a safe and welcoming environment that nurtures: growth, expansion, healing and the balance of mind, body and spirit, with love and compassion.

Our Founders & Mission

The Lotus Center was founded 20 years ago by Michele Salinas and her husband Sheldon Herman. Their mission for the Lotus Center, to offer primary health and wellness services to care for (and connect) the community. Meeting the unique needs of each individual, all known by name, with the utmost care and compassion. The Lotus Center originally started with Michele practicing Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

Throughout the years, Sheldon and Michele have welcomed in practitioners offering other forms of wellness care, in addition to Michele's offerings. This enabled clients to receive comprehensive care that supported their individual needs.

In addition to being an amazing bicycle repair man, lovingly known as the "bike-walla", Sheldon has played an integral part of the Lotus Center Community over the years. Some may have had the pleasure of welcoming Sheldon to your front doorstep, when he was delivering your Chinese medicinal herbs to you! Sheldon is on the board of our local co-op grocery, Deep Roots Market. He plays an integral role in creating and supporting our local community, especially health and wellness based business and non-profit foundations and organizations. Currently, he holds that same energy and passion for community connections at Lotus. Sheldon creates events such as Sufi poetry readings, creative pot-luck, vision board get togethers and there will be much more to come. Stay tuned for our upcoming community building events and workshops here.

Come in to experience the new energy, enjoy a cup of tea and try one of our new offerings!

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