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Monitoring earphone Neusonik direm E3 now available in North Ameria !!

Introducing Neusonik GoFX Mic DSP Microphone System for Live streaming & Music Production !!

Introducing Neusonik GoFX Box Audio Interface for Live streaming & Music Production !!

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Neusonik diem E3

In-Ear Monitoring Earphones

Neusonik GoFX Mic

USB Condenser Microphone with integrated DSP FX

Neusonik Thunderbolt T2

Thunderbolt Audio Interface with 2 Mic Pre & 2 Headphone Amps

“I’m surprised about direm E3 audio quality like top monitoring speaker grade and I’m working for my signature model with the Neusonik direm team”.

- Chang-Hwan Kim

Godfather of Kpop sound, Legedary songwriter and producer (over 100 top hit songs in Korea include "Pick Me" for Producer 101), Chairman of KMCA (Korea Music Contect Assiation k-mca.or.kr, SM, YG, JYP, FNC and Big Hit Entertainment etc.. over 30 companies)

“direm E3 sound reminds me of the legendary YAMAHA NS10M monitor speaker. Therefore [...] We are developing reference earphones for content appreciation of EX3D, which is a surrealistic 3D sound, with the Neusonik direm team.”

- Hyungsuk Kim

Korea's leading composer of numerous hit songs

"The direm E3 is very 2020, very big sounding but not overwhelming on the highs. Balance is great. Buds usually give me some listening fatigue but these are comfortable. Bass is big but Not too much. Just thick enough."

- Johan Kim

Singer-songwriter & Vocal Coach of Ailee

(Nickname in Korea: R&B Daddy)

Don't Believe The Hype. Don't Let Them Fool You!

Today there are many claims being made about headphones. Many brands offer expensive in-ear solutions with multiple drivers.

Did you know those multiple drivers are actually very limited?

While you pay a lot of money for so-called superior sound quality, you are actually paying for technology that is masking its own shortcomings.

All those great stories you read are simply not true. With multiple drivers you get unavoidable frequency overlaps. The more drivers, the more troubles.

This is caused by a phenomena called crossover distortion.

It is in all those expensive earbuds.

And you pay for it. Big time!

That is horrible, right? It is simply not fair.

What if we tell you that in nature all sounds come from single sources. Therefore the most natural sound comes from one single driver.

It completely blocks the possibility of interference and distortion. Therewith it completely eliminates phase distortion.

Something you consider as normal in those expensive multi-driver headphones you own. It is time to change the way you think about audio.

Let us show you what we’ve got to offer!

One single full range driver is as a dream come true for all audio professionals and audiophiles!

We’ve completely stripped the wired in-ear headphone. And improved what is absolutely relevant for you. Now you can experience sound as it intended to be. Not only because of our unparalleled technology but mainly because of our unmatched price.

Our revolutionary single driver technology is a game-changer for professional creators and music lovers. That is why we sold 200.000 units in 18 months in South Korea. That is how our wired earbuds became the #1 reference in-ear headphone for K-Pop fans & artists with a 70% market share.

The secret is in one full range single driver technology.

Our goal is to deliver that new standard directly to you. With a full focus on providing you the best listening experience possible. You deserve to know that difference. You deserve to experience sound as it should be.

Let us show you the proof!

HARMAN Wired Earphone Preference Prediction Score

Listen inc. Sound Check V.17 - Harman Predictive Model for In-Ear Headphones

Harman is the leading company behind brands such as JBL, AKG, Infinity, HarmanKardon and Bowers & Wilkins. In other words, they know what high quality audio is all about. Harman’s Target Score is seen as the most important reference for headphones.

This measurement was performed using Audio Precision’s APX555 and GRAS’s international standard ear simulators. Depending on the depth of wearing and type of ear tip, the degree of matching may vary.

Actually, the Harman score is excellent for hifi. In the first test we scored 91%. We then refined the direm E3 with the Genelec 8050B studio monitors as a reference in the studio.

That is why they sound like professional monitor speakers.

We deliver you the best of both worlds.

“I thought it was impossible to achieve such a high score with a single driver.”

– Dr. Sean Olive, Senior Research Fellow of Harman International

Dr. Sean Olive, Senior Research Fellow of Harman International (JBL) and considered the world’s foremost acoustics expert, praised the direm E3 headphones. The direm E3 received the highest score in the world, even compared to the headphones developed by HARMAN itself.

“The best parts make the best sound.”

Dr. Sinlyui Lee is the head of direm E3 development and the leading inventor behind the SF driver. In addition, he is the head of the audio equipment division in the Acoustical Society of Korea and the Korean representative for International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Audio Division.

He serves as a sound technology advisor to Samsung, LG and Hyundai and provides technical advice to world-class R&D equipment manufacturers. His work for direm E3 and especially the SF-Driver deliver an unmatched listening experience with a full dedication on realistic sound reproduction.

“Sound quality is the most important design criteria in wired headphones.“

- Dr. Sinlyul Lee, Ph.D. Sound Engineering, National University in Korea.

#1 headphone chosen by

K-POP fans & artists

This is why direm E3 became the market leader in South-Korea and sold 200.000 units!

Technical Data

Frequency response: 10 Hz ~ 35 kHz

Speaker type: 3rd gen. SF-Driver™

Jack type: 3.5 mm

Impedance: 27 Ω (+ 10%)

Noise cancellation: passive noise cancellation

Ear coupling: In-ear closed acoustics

Package dimensions: 98 x 98 x 35 mm

Weight: 13 g

Length: 120 cm

What’s Even More Surprising Is The Price!

With the direm E3 you get unparalleled technology against an unmatched price.

Together with our ultra high-fidelity 3rd generation SF-Driver™ you are now able to experience sound as it should be.

Our full range single driver enables smooth sound reproduction from 10 Hz to 35kHz. It reduces the distortion rate and totally eliminates phase distortion.

This results in a more consistent frequency response compared to its competitors, as proven by the highest Harman score ever measured for wired earbuds.

Its excellence was recognized by 200.000 direm E3 headphone users in South-Korea.

Due to its natural sound, it is a safe choice for young kids and people who protect their ears against high-level outputs.

Direm E3 is the #1 wired in-ear headphone for high-quality audio playback and monitoring. Therewith it is highly recommended for people that demand high-quality audio such as for ASMR, audiobooks, podcasts, music, and gaming.

Also, it comes with a high-performance microphone and nano-coated waterproof cable. Now you can get the most honest, natural sound against an entry-level price.

You will get a high-quality in-ear reference headphone that easily outperformance expensive professional headphones and wireless earpods worth over $500.

All those gadgets and multi-band drivers they try to sell you, are just to fool you. That is why we focus completely on delivering you the best sound reproduction possible.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

Direm E3 is the #1 wired earbud in South-Korea. With a market share of 70%, we are not new in this game. We have been optimizing our technology for years.

As an introduction to the European market, we offer free shipping within the EU. Also, we provide you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We are confident about what we deliver. Hearing is believing. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you get a full refund within 30 days. No problem!

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