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Nerve Pain

Possible side effect pain Relief, Nerve pain: vicious, stabbing and burning pain

Nerve pain is also called neuropathic pain by doctors. Pain that is caused by the nerves no longer functioning properly. This nerve pain literally gives you the nerves. Sometimes you can not even sleep well. Nerve pain can be the most severe pain you can imagine. It can totally ruin your life. And the painkillers you get often make you pretty drowsy. We think it can be done differently.

Nerve pain: what it is

Nerve pain, or medically said neuropathic pain, has a number of characteristics to which you can recognize that it is indeed nerve pain. This is important because the treatment of nerve pain is another as the treatment of, for example, osteoarthritis pain. Sometimes we call nerve pain neuralgic pain.

1-3 percent of people in our Western society suffer from neuropathic pain! Neuropathic or nerve pain is the most severe pain there is. And that pain is treated badly!

The 10 Characteristics of Nerve Pain

Now the 10 aspects of neuropathic pain. And of course not all aspects are always present!

The pain is constantly present

The pain can be distressing, or as if blades cut through your flesh, or burning pain

Electric shocks can go through legs and arms

Between the chronic pain by flashing pain shoots

The feeling of wearing socks or mittens, walking on cushions or clouds, or on barbed wire

Pain becomes worse by touching the skin, for example by the clothes, or by standing in the shower

As if ants are walking over the skin

Pain can get worse if you come in the sun, or in the freezing cold

There are deaf or dead feelings on feet, arms, hands or legs

Feeling like your hand or foot is sleeping.

All of these are sensations that indicate the existence of nerve pain, or neuropathic pain.

Repair Nerve Damage

Influence of Nerve Pain is Great

The influence of nerve pain on the daily life of the patient is great. Patients experience severe nuisance from the pain in their personal and professional lives. Family, friends and colleagues in their immediate environment usually suffer, so that the social consequences are considerable. The most common causes of neuropathic pain are diabetic neuropathy and neuralgic pain after shingles.

Neuropathy: Various Causes

Neuropathy can be caused by various and many causes. Sometimes it is not possible to find out what the cause is. Then we speak of an idiopathic neuropathy. The problem of such a neuropathy (which is also called CIAP) is that if we do not know the cause, the condition is difficult to treat. In diabetes neuropathy the cause is much clearer. Diabetes. But unfortunately it does not help neuropathy if the cause of the diabetes is well treated. The neuropathy simply continues. We have developed a special protocol to treat forms of neuropathy, based among other things on the protection of the nerves with the natural substance palmitoylethanolamide (choose a PEA preparation with the Pea-opt quality mark, of many other PEA preparations the purity has not been proven ).

How does nerve pain feel?

Nervous pain differs from other types of pain by being very intense, often burning, burning, stinging or electrical shock. The pain is localized to a specific area corresponding to the affected nerves or nerves. Classic examples are nerve pain in the arms and legs due to diseases in the back. But nerve pain can be seen everywhere - in the head, face, hands, feet or as a painful band around the chest or in the groin.

The other Parts of the Nerve can also be worse Destroyed

Our nerves carry many different senses in the same nerve bundle; pain, common sense, temperance and the ability to feel vibration. The nerves also signal how your body is oriented to the environment.

In many with nerve pain, other parts of the nerve function are also disturbed. The sensation in the area of ​​pain may be reduced, the skin may feel cold or hot without it. In someone, the skin over the nerve is also disturbed. It changes the appearance, color and becomes hyper sensitive, so common touches or just wearing clothes on the body feels like pain. This condition is called allodynia .

Nerve Renew
Nerve Pain
Repair Nerve Damage

Many people find it difficult to describe their pain. This is because nerve pain is a completely different kind of pain than it is known from sore muscles or sore injuries. The pain sensation can be described as: burning, chasing, cutting, sharp, convulsive, spinning, stinging and stinging. The pain can sometimes be accompanied by numbness.

Special Painkillers against Neuropathic Pains

Special painkillers for neuropathic pains are drugs that have a special and good effect on neuropathic pain, at least that is what you would think. That is partly true. But two analgesics have meanwhile been officially registered for the treatment of neuropathic pains. You might think that these registered resources are also the best resources right away.

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