Information and Self-Organizing Dynamics on Networks (ISODS) IV

- Satellite Symposium for NetSci 2019 - May 28 -

ISODS 2019 aims to strengthen an interdisciplinary research community working at the intersection of network science, nonlinear dynamics, and complex systems. The symposium will bring together a collection of world-class researchers working on the frontiers of these topics to present their recent contributions and communicate ideas. Presentations will cover a range of topics including:

  • Synchronization of Dynamical Systems
  • Empirical and Experimental Network-Coupled Dynamical Systems
  • Network Inference and Information Flow
  • Optimization of Collective Behavior in Network Dynamics
  • Self-Organizing Dynamics on Interconnected and Temporal Networks
  • Stability and Sensitivity of Network Dynamics on Network Structure
  • Information Spreading on Complex Networks

Invited Speakers

Self-sustaining positive feedback loops determine trap subspaces: demonstration in both discrete and continuous dynamical systems

Synchronization in multilayer networks

Network inference and boolean function inference by optimal causation entropy principle

Respiratory control via tunable synchony in networks of bursting neurons

Controlling complex networks: Time and energy

On the emergence of synchronization of coupled oscillators in complex networks

Uncovering low dimensional macroscopic chaotic dynamics of large finite size complex systems