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Welcome at Netgear Router Login Address. Here you can easily login to setup wizard for the Netgear router and configure the basic to advance settings for your Netgear router. Default login details for Netgear router login are:

Default Netgear Router Login Name: admin

Default Netgear Router Login Password: password

How to Format a Netgear Router Through

Configuring a Netgear Router by logging in to or through 192.168.11 can be a daunting task if the user in not an expert technically. However, following an easy step by step procedure can make this task extremely simple thereby reducing the difficulty level to zero. This article comprises of a video which depicts the set up procedure of the NETGEAR Router from scratch. This procedure can also be carried out with a BSNL Broadband Modem that has a DSL connection if you find the range to be insufficient with the standard modem

Logging In

The connection of a Netgear Wireless Router to a computer through is not a complex job. All you require is a little time. You simply need to take the router and plug in the network cable into the colored portion of the LAN port. The LAN port switches might be 2 or 4 depending on the type of the router. Through the open LAN port, connect one end of the cable in the router and the other end to the computer. If you have a DSL connection, go through the video to know how the process takes place.

Logging in to Netgear Router through

The most vital part of the process is to make the router function as required by the user. The configuring procedure of NETGEAR Router includes landing on the login page, security enabling and wireless network broadcasting. A major part of the process is trying to obtain the router login page. If you are not able to come up with the admin page on, watch our video for more information.

Step 1: Connect the Router

The first step involves proper connection of your router. Refer to the diagram below and set up your advice as mentioned. The first image depicts the connection without the presence of the modem and the next involves connection with a DSL or optical fiber. Inability to connect the modem will result in failure to obtain the routerlogin page to change core setting that leads to the improvement of network security. After connection of the Wi-Fi device, it is better to reboot the modem. Missing out on this can cause Page cannot be displayed’ error.

Step 2: Switch ON the Router

When the wireless router is setup according to what is shown in the image above, switch on the router and the modem. Check if the LED lights are powered on the router and modem. Wait until the warning symbol disappears at the network adapter symbol. If the warning symbol still appears at the network icon even after powering on your router, get in touch with your lSP immediately.

Step 3: Connect your PC to Network

The next step is the configuration of the Netgear Router or any other modem you have. Firstly, switch on the Wi-Fi adapter on your computer device. The router’s brand name will now reflect in the list of wireless connections. Enter the login credentials mentioned on the box of the router.

Tip: Keep the instruction manual that comes with the box safely. You will require this booklet whenever you wish to reset the router to default settings as it has default login credentials mentioned on it.

Step 4: Access the page

If you have a Netgear modem, you would be required to use and If you are using a device from another manufacturer, the login IP address would be or In case of a Linksys router, you can use link. It is practically impossible to complete the setup without landing on the login page of the router.

If you are unable to reach the log in page of the Netgear Router, read this.

How to Fix Not Working Problem?

Step 4: Alteration of Necessary Details

After you have successfully logged in to the router dashboard, you can alter settings like the Wi-Fi SSID name, router password and resetting of the router. An administrator can control the router settings and can monitor and control all the traffic in order to detect any unusual activity taking place. The admin can also change parental control settings by enabling or disabling them and restricting their access to certain websites. These settings vary according to the brand of the router; therefore it is advisable that you read the instruction manual to configure the router accordingly.

Resetting the Router Password

If you have been unsuccessful in accessing the admin page of the device inspite of entering the right credentials namely username and password, then it is better to reset the password of the Netgear Router. There is nothing to be worried about performing this step as it will not affect the warranty of the device. It only resets the existing settings to default factory settings. The steps for resetting are as follows:-

1. Firstly flip the router while the power is still on

2. Then, take a pin or paperclip and look for the reset button.

3. Press down the reset button for 20 seconds till all the lights flash.

4. After a minute, enter default router credentials

In this video, the whole procedure has been explained in three easy steps. Take a look at it now!

We hope that this video was helpful in getting you the Netgear Router Login page through, the configuration and the advanced settings as well. You can contact us using the comment form mentioned below if you are still facing problems in the setup even after watching the video which provides a complete solution of getting the webpage.