Welcome to the Literacy Coach Cohort! I look forward to working with all of you. Let me introduce myself!

I began my career in education as a Portuguese bilingual teacher. At that time we didn't have materials in any language but English so the teachers I worked with and I had to create all our materials including curriculum guides. I realized at that time that I had a keen interest in curriculum development, especially math and literacy curriculum.

I worked for 5 years as a teacher, teaching mostly in lower grades and then became an administrator. I have been a school administrator including being an assistant Principal, Principal and Deputy Superintendent for over 25 years working in US schools in northern California and working in five countries overseas including Ecuador, Kenya, China, United Arab Emirates and Brazil. I loved it--all of it! I've always worked in highly diverse, multi-lingual settings, both in the US and overseas. I've been a teacher and Principal in bilingual and immersion schools.

This is my fifth year working at California State University Channel Islands. During that time I have supervised over 60 students as a student teacher supervisor including bilingual, multiple subjects and single subject math and language arts students. I teach the literacy methods course to first semester student teachers and teach an online literacy course to prospective teachers. I continue my work with international schools implementing reading and writing workshop models and coaching principals consulting with them from time to time.

My proudest achievements though are my two grown sons, the light of my life. One of them is a middle school special education teacher.

Cohort Expectations

We will create norms for our group that will be posted on our front page. Besides these norms all participants are expected to follow the following norms:

Come to all cohort sessions prepared.

Fully participate and engage with members

Arrive on time to all sessions.

Schedule travel to leave cohort after ending times.

Review all materials prior to each session .