Safety Tips for Nerf Guns and Nerf Wars

Nerf Wars are hot favorite games for elder kids and teenagers. Younger kids play small nerf games at indoor or in garden. Elder kids play big Nerf Battles and Wars at outdoor places. Nerf Guns give so much fun, but sometimes it can hurt too. The point of the discussion is that the kids and parents should follow the safety guideline for Nerf Wars.

Nerf Wars are played between two teams with powerful nerf blasters. Teenagers keep extra darts in stock for playing long nerf battles. Sometimes the kids hurt each others or somebody during such nerf wars. This happens because they play the nerf game battle carelessly. Every kid and parent should learn should the safety guideline and stick to it to remain safe during nerf battles.

Important Safety Tips for Nerf Guns and Nerf Wars

Here we provide some most important safety guideline to follow for Nerf Guns and Nerf Wars as under:


All kids who are involved in Nerf Game War, are strongly advised to wear Eyeglasses. Nerf Gun Darts (Bullets) are made from soft foam material, so it does not hurt when fired on clothes. But the darts may hurt if fired aiming the eyes. Eyeglasses will keep your kids' eyes safe from injury caused by nerf darts.

Face Mask:

A Face Mask is useful to cover whole face during nerf wars. When the kids have work a face mask, they are almost safe from darts attacks. Based on our experience, we suggest that the kids should wear eyeglasses as well as face mask to become completely safe in nerf war battles.

Do Not Modify Darts or Gun

Nerf Guns are engineered for good performance and designed to be harmless. The kids must use the darts which are designed for its concerned nerf gun/blaster. Moreover, they must not modify the darts as it can be dangerous for them. The nerf guns are manufactured with complete safety, but it will be harmful if you modify it with other parts and attachments.

Do Not Fire Darts from Too Close

Nerf Gun Darts are made by safe foam material. But the darts can hurt someone if you fire them from close distance. Some Nerf Guns are powerful enough to fire darts in long range from 75 feet to 100 feet away. If you shoot someone by such blaster from 2-3 feet distance, it will definitely hurt that kid.

Do Not Shoot the Non-Players

There should be a strict rule that any player must not shoot somebody else. It means you cannot fire a dart on a kid or person who is not participating in nerf game. Because that person may not know when you are firing and s/he has not worn any eyeglasses or face mask.

Nerf Guns and Nerf Wars are the most enjoyable things for kids. Every kid should play nerf game battles with his/her friends, cousins and siblings. But they should also follow the safety tips to stay safe and happy during nerf wars.