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Add your ideas, questions, mysteries you'd like to discuss at nErDcampVT... to the Google Form below. (SO many ideas have been suggested but keep them coming!!)

Some session Suggestions

  • Genrefication in Secondary Schools
  • Panel: Telling True Stories: From Picture Books to YA
  • Mock School Visit with Authors
  • Title Talk (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12)
  • Embracing Graphic Novels
  • Breakout EDU
  • Connecting Makerspaces and Literature
  • Banning books
  • Creating a word conscious classroom: Low investment, high return vocabulary instruction
  • Bookmaking Lessons for Kids (folded mini-comics, stab-bound books)
  • How does a book get published?
  • Implementing a Cross-curricular program with Literacy at the Core
  • Using Fiction to Teach Social Justice Themes
  • Science Comic for Kids
  • Sharing Books with Serious topics with Kids
  • Teaching Writing to Kids
  • Stealing from Theater
  • Ghost Stories
  • Relationship between Science and Magic
  • Engaging Reluctant Readers
  • LGBT Issues
  • Improv and Play for Writers
  • Getting Unstuck When Writing
  • Bringing Ancient American History to Life
  • Importance of Field Research and Primary Sources
  • Boosting Student Creative Confidence
  • Incorporating technology into your literacy curriculum
  • Using songs to improve close reading skills