EliteCraft Link

Your Minecraft and Discord accounts MUST be linked to receive Quest-Rewards

Server Address elitecraft.nerdlabs001.com

We have set up a test Quest to help you ensure you are linked properly.

If you are NOT part of the Elite Gamer Discord, Please stop here and join It first

Welcome to EliteCraft

From the Spawn, Look right for the Quest Master. Note her appearance you will see her often.

Click on her to see available Quests. Note the (note) above her head? Kingdom Citizens have notes above them when they have quests to offer.

World Quests will always use an Enchanted Book as is Icon. Click ON IT to accept it.

Follow the boardwalk around the bend to the linking station.

  • Press the Link Discord button to earn your Quest-Reward
  • Then Type /discord link

If you have been here already and are stuck please use /discord unlink and relink again

If you link properly you will receive a 4 digit code.

Find The Link Bot in the Elite Gamers Discord Room.

Open a direct message to the Link-Bot. Put in your Code and hit enter. The Link will let you know your UUID has been linked correctly.

Head Back and talk to the Quest Master.

Head back over to the Tipbot Room.

If you are Linked Correctly you will see a Quest-Reward. This is all made possible with Bad's TipBot so You will Receive your Quest-Rewards In your Current Addresses.