The Flight Crew

The people on this list helped out in a variety of ways, from the captains who coordinate affairs, to the everyday members who pull through working tirelessly until the end. Each and every person on this list has contributed incredible amounts of their time to devote to the team, and their community. Included on this list are not only our current members, but also the members who have flown on by to bright futures ahead. We hope to have many more pass through this list in the future!

The Control Room

Kevin Saefong

Head Captain

Shane Conroy

Programming Captain


Electrical Captain

Natalie Santiago

Safety Captain

Jeremiah Blake

Scout Captain

Julia Penera

Media Captain

On the Deck

Past Crew

Alec Brewer

Cesar Aguila

Jerry Samayoa

Gissele Hernandez

Giovanni Morales

Guadalupe Vazquez

Salvador Trejo

Mayson Snavely


Beth Vaughn

Victor Knight

Rachel Brown

Roger Hawkins

Candace Bailey



Ceasar Aguila