Eastern Guilford 3/15/19

The Neon Jets spend a weekend showing their skills to the world, and earning a stunning 15th place among the many talented teams competing in FIRST.


Not every moment in competition is success, and our team learns how to deal with failures just like this moment here, where due to a malfunction on our radio device, our robot lost contact with the drivers. In moments like these our team stands stoically against the overwhelming forces of disappointment and anxiety, and prepare to fix the problem for the next round.


It takes a team and effort for the robot to achieve victory. Lots of brilliant minds in our team were taken to the limit, but we blew that limit away and in the end we did our best and that's what matters even if we meet some failures we will overcome it as a team.


During each and every match it is up to our drive team to win the day. This group of members is dedicated to achieving victory, and have the skills to achieve it. They know that with a quick mind and steady hand anything is possible. In each match we can only say that they make us Fly High!

We are loading the robot and ready for competition.

The drivers are ready to start there day.

The drivers are looking at their competition.

The fans are ready for the big day.


Now perhaps the biggest challenge for the team was the inspection process, as FIRST team inspectors are strict and rigorous in their proceedings. The Neon Jets were advised on no less than five different matters on which they improvised, adapted, and overcame! This challenging experience taught ingenuity among the ranks the Neon Jets, providing many with the experience of dealing a work environment where rules are fully abided by. We hope our members take that far beyond the team!