Custom Midifiles

Do you need a midi file and could not find it yet?

I can make this midi song for you!

I'm NelsonMidis, a midi file composer. In order know my work, please, download some of my demos and open them in your instrument or general midi file software.

Download demos:

Country, Strum guitar, heavy drums, rhythmic guitar, download

Funk, bass phrases, rhythmic guitars, latin percussion, download

Latin Rock, organ solo, guitar solo, latin percussion , download

Latin afro, complex rhythm, download

Band blues, Power brass voicings, solo guitar, organ cushion and power chords, download

Rock, Rhythm, bass slap phrases, synth phrases and echo/delay effect, download

Latin Cha cha Rhythmic, E Piano with complex chords, latin rhythm and brass voicings, download

Big band, Old style orchestration, download

Slow pop 1, E. piano doing complex chords and strings, download

Slow pop 2, E. piano doing complex chords and strings, download

(These demos are in GM midifile format).

I have more midi song demos that I can send you by e-mail.

Please, contact me:

Custom midifiles production for

studios, song backtracks, singers, songwriters, choirs,

small groups, music education, and more.

just $69 (per song)

Payment via payPal

For more info, please contact me: