The Spirit Realms

The Spirit Realms

The spirit realms have been created by Father God for the continuation of all life here on earth. All life human or otherwise at physical demise will cross over with the help of God into the afterlife and spirit realms. If we wish we can remain here for a time, to be with our loved ones and can return to visit at any time from the spirit realms. The is no judgment as to whether we are fit or not to go into the afterlife. So everybody no matter how good or bad or even evil they are is free to crossover into the afterlife. Our Father God create the spirit realms for us all to move onto after death, as the next and natural stage of life and he is the all loving Father, so all are welcomed. There truly is no hell, this has partly been made up by people who fear and partly because people wanted to explain why some people are evil, often saying evil people were possessed by demons or that mentally ill people were also possessed by demon. This was so long ago, in times when understanding were much more primitive and did not understand or recognise mental illnesses existed. So it was easier for them to think these people were possessed people.

The spirit realms are planes of familiarity, in other words, they are not alien to us. Rather they are indeed very similar to this world. That is to say to all intents and purposes they seem very much like psychical worlds of existence to those spirit there. Only that they are in a much higher state and vibration of existence, beyond our physical level of vibration, other than through the sixth sense we have, it is very hard to detect spirit, some naturally have these abilities to sense spirit, while others have to develop them. Spirit are living an ethereal existence on ethereal planes of spirit as beings of light and energy. Yet what we might considered to be matter is there, only it is in a much higher state of spiritual vibration and existence, so it is the spiritual counterpart of a physical world and life, only that is vibration is so high it is much more of energy than matter.

Once we crossed over into spirit ourself, life goes on, in what to all intents and purpose seems like a physical tangible world of existence in the spirit realms. This allows us to live a life in the way we have always been accustomed to, and as here spirit have many of the same things. Like buildings, cars, technology, plants, crops, animals and just about everything else. Spirit have a 24 hour day and they do need to sleep like ourselves. Their light source in not a sun, it is an artificial light source provided by God. They have 7 days in a week and 365 days in a year. Spirit do not have to eat or drink to survive, but most do still enjoy eating and drinking. Spirit do not get illnesses, they are immune to such things, other than they can suffer mentally as we do here. Mental suffering or illness in the afterlife is not caused by any disabilities or chemical imbalances of the mind, as spirit are made whole by god when they pass over. So mostly it is people that are struggling in life with their own mental issues or sometimes caused by others and situations of life that spirit are going through as people suffer here.

Spirit have the same body as they had here in human form and are in perfect physical health and condition with no physical disabilities, as all are put to rights by Father God when the pass over or soon after. Because spirit is ageless all spirit children grow up and older people rejuvenate to a younger age. This would normally be to their prime of life, which would be in their young twenties. So they mow the grass and farm crops and such like and most end up once settled down, finding a job, as life goes on, not so very differently from here because that is the way the spirit realm is. It is what mankind makes it. So it is not the perfect paradise that some might believe it might be, it is what we humans make of it like this world.

Most of us will go to the next plane of life, the earth being plane 1, so we will move onto plane 2. However some here that are very spiritual, sometimes make it to a higher plane of evolution, which is normally plane 3, because each higher plane is a pathway of evolution, put there before for us by Father God to follow if we wish, so that we may evolve if we choose to. Any spirit on a higher plane can travel back to any lower plane, including the earth to visit and such like. There are twelve planes of spirit including the earth. Man has so far evolve to plane 10, which is a very highly evolved plane of spiritual evolution. So god wishes us to evolve if we wish to and we can continue to do so there and on any other plane including the earth. Father God lives on plane 12. Choosing to evolve is a choice, we have free will in the spirit realm like here, so we do not have to evolve if we do not wish to.

Father God creates in a very simplistic and natural way, which is practical and allows for us to keep progressing from one level to a higher level. When we move on from this world Father God has created along the same theme and lines as this physical world. On the next plane like this one. spirit have some of the same problem as we do here, as man does not necessarily always choose to change for the better in spirit or choose to get along. The next plane struggles with many of the same issues as what we do, but overall it is a better place to be and each consecutive higher plane becomes ever more peaceful and spiritual.