Spiriutal Healing

Spiritual & Reiki Energy Healing

I have been a spiritual healer since 1995 and decided that I liked Reiki healing more. So in 2015 I took my reiki 1 degree Self Healing, then 2 degree Reiki Practitioner and then in 2016 I went on to take my Reiki 3 degree Reiki Master and in 2017 my Reiki Master Teachers. I love reiki, it has a good way of teaching and giving the initiation attunements for each level, that help the healer develop their natural ability to heal. My own healing improved through each attunement and continues to do so as a reiki master. At times teach reiki to a few others who are dedicated to it.

Healers can develop their natural ability to heal. Healing is highly beneficial to both the healer and their healee or client. The healing energy comes from the healing source, most either see this as the universe or god. I have tested both and they each work equally as well as each other. I personally allow for both in my own healings. Healing can help most conditions that might be suffered and heals physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. Energy healing is considered to be complementary and aids natural self healing to take place.

Healee's or clients often find healing to be very enjoyable and relaxing expereince, taking away those things that cause them a disharmony or imbalance to heal and balance them, helping to clear any blockage of the life force energies so they may flow most freely. Helping the healee to find relief and peace of mind body and spirit. Healing are normally given in a holistic manner through healing the whole being for all needs.

The way healing works is that the healer does not use their own personal healing energies, as they would end up very depleted and drained, feeling tired and very likely become unwell as a result as well as taking on their clients symptoms. What they do is act as a channel in which the healing energies build up when they receive and attune to them or ask for them, like a teapot filling up when healer opens their lid attuning to the healing energies to allow the energies to fill them, then like tipping the teapot, allowing the healing energies to flow to the healee/client, letting them flows most freely through themselves to the client, like and open tap allow the healing source energies flow most freely into the energy being and body of the healee or client, healing all needs and given wit the healers compassion and love. The healing heals the depletions of the life force and spiritual energies within the healee or client and then passes on to heal the physical body, mind and emotions.

As I mentions healing is given in a holistic manner in method often starting at the head, to then methodically heal around the persons body using hands on contact healing that often works best or healing through the aura in contact with the aura which also work well and via the aura over sensitive areas, such as over women's breasts and again over the pelvis, crotch and inner thighs, as well as over the posterior.

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