Spiritual Awareness

Sensing and Awareness of Spirit

At times we may become aware of a spirit presence, this is often when we are in a quiet state of mind or in a daydream like state, such as when we are looking out of the window when washing up the dishes and not really seeing anything, because we are traveling in our imagination in a daydream. The conscious mind often acts like a guard dog to these abilities, but in daydream or meditation our conscious mind goes into a more dormant state, which allows the imagination and other abilities to become more active. This is the perfect time for spirit to come forward to us, to make themselves felt. Some in this state of mind may feel energies or tingles of spirit energies on or face, neck or shoulders, this can cause goose bumps and other sensations. We might feel and become aware of what feels like a hand on our shoulder. Another time is after we have gone to bed at night, as we are entering sleep, when spirit loved ones may come forward and blend in our aura, while we are in that point between consciousness and sleep, which is a far more spirit state and mode of mind, where spirit can give us a wide range of awareness, perceptions or sensations, such as images in the minds eye or feelings of them and their love, even memories we shared with them while they were here or thoughts that pass into our awareness and drift into our mind.

Spirit can make their presence felt and known in other ways, like making light bulbs flicker, or items we put down seem to of moved, like a picture of this person or something disappears, then out of the blue turns up again. Some hear noises or bells ringing. When we are already partly aware of spirit, we can begin to see shadowy figures out of the corner of one eye in peripheral vision and when we turn to look they are gone. This can develop to see them more solidly in time. This applies to seeing spirit orbs, often seen again in peripheral vision, they often look like sparks of light, or transparent orbs flying through the air or sometimes glints of light moving, or more clearly as orb flying most often. Some see orbs in colours. In time these abilities can develop.

We Can Also Meditate to Try to Connect with Spirit

Before we do any spiritual activities like meditation to link with spirit, it is very important to learn how to properly ground and protect ourselves, as not all spirit are friendly or good. It is also very important to learn how to correctly open and close your spirits chakras, which are our spiritual energy and perception centers, through which we can greatly become aware of spirit and develop other abilities like psychism and healing. If we do not close our chakras from and open state, we can end up walking around picking up other people's negative feelings and emotions. This can be very detrimental to us and have effects on our mental health. The other danger is being open all the time, because there are both good and bad spirits in the afterlife that are around us here, that can have undesirable influences on us. Some have at worst been attacked and possessed by evil spirits from our own spirit realms and afterlife. There is no hell nor any real demons, just good and bad people in spirit like here. There are bad people from this world that sometimes carry on being bad or evil in the next life, as many there do now change from what they were like here. So we must learn to close our spirit and chakras down to a normal state after any spiritual work, to keep ourselves as safe and protected as possible. It will never be 100% safe to be aware of spirit, because there are always going to be bad people in spirit, that can interact with us here. I and others are doing our best to get this world far more protections at this time.