Spirit Guides & Angels

Spirit Guides, Helpers, Angels & Loved Ones

We each have our own group of spiritual guidance, they are given a variety of names, including spirit guides, ministers of light, guardian/archangels, spirit inspirers, interdimensional beings, ascended masters and animal guides etc. Spirit guides are there to guide us in our spiritual development, they are not there to live our lives for us. We normally have both male and female guides and they can come to work with us from one of nine separate planes or worlds of spirit, within the spirit realms. Each higher plane being more spiritually evolved than the last. Some not all of our guides maybe old or group souls that have had more than on life upon the earth, having reincarnated on one or more occasions. Our spirit guides may come from any part of this world and from any time period that humans have existed here on earth.

We might find ourselves going through many stages and levels as we develop and can find awakening of our latent spiritual abilities to communicate with spirit through clairvoyance and other ways including the psychic abilities with our spirit guides and helpers or those angels that work with us. We may also work with our healing spirit guides or angels. At firstly we might begin to sense them in some small ways and as our spiritual abilities develop the link forms and becomes stronger, so that we may be able to perceive them in one of several ways, often whilst in meditation. We may experience their energies opening our chakras especially in the crown over the head and the brow inner eye. This can leave us with a headache after twenty minutes or so. They do this to help power up our chakra energy and perception centers, through which we sense and perceive them. In these types of meditations we might experience tingles that are our guides energies in our aura. This can become itchy, especially on the face or sometimes very intense itching. Spirit guide us through our mind and use our imagination. Often try to show us images on the inner eye to communicate with us. Sometimes what they give is very symbolic and we are left to figure out the meaning of what have been given. Often spirits thoughts can feel like our own thoughts and feelings to begin with. Spirit can give us gut psychic feelings that are intuitions in the solar plexus chakra.

Spirit guides can appear to us in any form they might wish to, this includes human adults or children and animal forms such as dolphins, birds, wolves or we can sometimes see guides in other ways that we might have an affinity with and feel comfortable with. This can include aliens for those who have such interests or any other form we might enjoy. Others my see spirit in a ways they can relate to, from their own spiritual beliefs such as their religious icons, saints, angels or elementals like elves, unicorns and fairies. Some may also see their guides as spirit orbs or beads of light flashing or transparencies fly around the room or appearing around them at times and they sometimes have colours. Others may feel the energy of spirit or feel a hand resting on their shoulder for reassurance. Spirit guides and loved ones often try to get our attention by moving things or making light bulbs flash or even knocking noises and some here can even smell scents or sometime they may bring our attention to a word or number of importance. Spirit can interact with us in our dreams and some even go on journey with their guide when having sleep. Some even astral project or travel out of body.

Many if they meditate can find the link of higher perceptions of spirit through the sixth senses and latent spiritual abilities, to link with spirit. Most have to developing these abilities to find them. A few are very naturally aware of spirit and often have been so all their lives. In some cases a number of people do not seem able to develop these abilities, sometimes it is because of their mindset, because they often question the validity of it and how it can possibly work, rather than just accepting that it does and they can end up blocking themselves by their own thinking. The truth is our own spirit is our own best judge and you have to be worthy and earn these things before our own spirit will reward us with these abilities.

Nearly all spirit from our spirit realms save a handful have at some stage lived upon the earthly plane, including angels. This is because the earthly plane is our first plane of conscious existence and spiritual evolution. In real terms we are spirit first and foremost and it is our spirit that gives us life and animates the physical host body and there is no life without spirit, so we are spirits having a physical existence and expereince. We have these latent spiritual abilities that can be discovered to link with those spirits beyond this physical realm of existence.