Sixth Senses

The Spiritual Sixth Senses

The sixth senses are abilities of a metaphysical nature or abilities of the spirit, often latent within us and can be developed and honed in some. There are a vast array of different spiritual abilities and awarenesses, they vary from being aware of spirit to communicating with spirit in a link that can be formed. When this happens we can interact with spirit through clairvoyant abilities such as Clairvoyance - clear seeing, this is clear on the inner eye. Clairsentience - clear feeling, the ability to receive intuitive feelings, emotions and physical sensations. Clairaudience - clear hearing, the ability to hear spirit audibly most often in the mind, but can sometimes be voices that come our of the air or seem to be in the ear. Claircognizance - clear knowing the ability to just know something. There are other type of clairvoyant abilities, such as smell and taste etc.

Other abilities that relates more to the physical level of vibration are the psychic abilities, they also use clairvoyance and often relate to linking with other people or life here. They are used to feel perceptions and intuitive feelings about others,. They can also used on other physical objects. Psychic readers read a person through the energy and vibration they give off or sometimes by viewing the aura to gain senses about the subject. One of these abilities which some find hard to deal with, is being a empathic, where the emotions and feelings of others are picked up, both good and bad. Some empaths find it very hard to be in a crowds, as they get overloaded with peoples feelings and emotions. Psychism is also used in many other ways such a divination and dowsing and is greatly an intuitive ability to attune to the given subject to feel and senses it too then often give a very accurate reading.

As with all spiritual abilities, it is important to learn the basics firstly. Such as grounding and protection, before any spiritual work is undertaken and just as importantly we must learn how to correctly open and close our spirit and chakras energy system, through which many of these abilities work to give us the abilities, awareness and perceptions we are capable of. When we open the spiritual chakra energy centers, we power up our spirit, to become far more perceptive of all things spiritual, this greatly increase our awareness and heightens our spirit senses to a higher level of vibration. It is therefore very important that we colos these abilities after any spiritual work or meditation is undertaken to correctly close the spiritual chakras back to a normal level and state. The chakras never fully close, as they are out spiritual life force provider and the naturally open and close depending on our mood and what we are doing. The reason for doing this, is if we do not ground and protect, as well as close after any spirit activities, we can become greatly affected by the feelings of others around us and become very confused and there are both good and bad spirits. Sp if we are open and unprotected a negative spirit could enter our aura space and give us some very unpleasant experiences and at worst people have been attacked and possessed by being open rather than in closed state. Sadly like hear not all spirit are good people, so it will never be 100% safe to have or develop these abilities.

Some have had these abilities all their life, while others need to develop them, as they are in most cases latent abilities of the spirit that need to be developed and honed. The odd person, often by their own thinking, cannot seem to develop these abilities. It is often because they question how these abilities could possibly work? And when they have doubts about it, it means they are doubting their own spirits abilities to do these things and we often do need to be worthy and earn such abilities to be rewarded with them through our beliefs and trust in our own spirits abilities. So some block this gifts by their own thinking and outlook.

We all have spirit guides and a spirit healing guide. They are there to help us in our spiritual development, if we chose and wish to develop. Some prefer to work with other spirits or their angel. Spirit can come in many other forms that we might have an affinity with, like animals, elementals or aliens etc. It does not matter the form that the spirit comes in, the thing that counts is the quality in the way they work with us or the message they bring. If we work with spirit, it is good practice to ask for a gatekeeper among our spirit guides. A gatekeepers job is to best protect and look after us, to keep us as safe as possible and that only the right spirits of light come to us at any given time. So they allow those we would wish and try to keep at bay those we would not wish and do their best to keep negative spirits at bay.

Clairvoyant Mediumship

Clairvoyant mediumship is the abilities to often used by forming a physical link to a person here, that them intern often to draws in a spirit communicator in for that person. However sometimes a spirit comes to the medium and directs them to the person they wish to communicate with. These spirit come to communicate a message to the person and often begin with a description of themselves and memories links that were shared with the recipient of the message. These spirit are often loved ones who have crosses over or related in someway or at times other spirit, like spirit guides who come through. The medium acts somewhat like a telephone and link between the two worlds to pass these message.

Trance Mediums & Healers

Trance is a very deep form on mediumship, where the medium gives over their minds control to a trusted spirit or spirit guide to allow them to have control to perform inspired talk, healings, psychic surgery and more. The medium in most cases is in a unaware state while in trance and is often has no memory of what has taken place in their absence. Their mind was gentle push to one side in a quiet state while the spirit is present.

Energy Life Force & Spiritual Healing

Energy, life force and spiritual healings come under many names and channel beneficial life force and healing energies, most often from God, the Universe or other sources, to aid healing and self healing to take place of the spiritual subtle body and life force energies within all living things. Healing is most often given thorough hands on healing or through the aura energy field, but can also be sent any distance through time and space, where the person or recipient is not present with the healer. In reality healers are not really healers, they are channelling that healing from the healing source, whatever they might believe that to be. The healing energies with help many things that might be suffer of a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nature to great aid self healing to take place.


Psychometry is a psychic and mediumistic ability to attune into objects or personal items such as rings, watches, spectacles, keys etc, by holding them to give a reading about the object or person it is related to.

Premonitions & Precognitions in Dreams or Visions

We can have dreams that have precognitive or premonitions that appear to indicate a often near future event of forewarn of a future event. Premonitions can be received in a number of forms such as dreams, waking thoughts or daydreams, waking imagery, visions or in intuitive feelings that might be sensed or perceived. They can be of forthcoming events related to us or others or given as warning at times of impending danger.

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is a skill and ability to remotely view locations or situations here on earth.

Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is where a spirit can take control of the person's hand and write, sometimes in a foreign languages.

Psychic Art

Psychic Art is a form of mediumship, where the psychic artists are able to visualize or perceive the image that is given by spirit and draw it or allow a spirit to take control to do the sketching or other media used.

Telekinesis & Psychokinesis

Telekinesis is the power to move an object with the power of the mind and spiritual energy, without the application of any physical force and is a technique of mind over matter that can involve moving objects, bending metals etc. Psychokinesis is the production of motion in physical objects by the exercise of psychic mental powers.


In divination one may form a question in the mind or ask a specific question, however the answer may not be specifically related to the question and is used to divine the answer.


Dowsing itself has been around for many thousands of years and was used in many ancient and more modern cultures. Dowsing has been used greatly as a method of locating precious substances and minerals such as water, metals, coal, oil, diamonds and other gems stones, gravel, even damaged gas, electrical and water mains. Dowsing has even been used to locate lost treasures and ruins of ancient civilizations. Many dowsers use tools like pendulums. Some healers also use a pendulum to see if there are any blockages particularly in the chakras.

Physical Mediumship

Physical mediums link with spirit to demonstrate physical phenomena such as, materialisation, transfiguration, direct voice, apports, ectoplasm and other forms of mediumship.

Dangers of Ouija Boards

The Ouija Board is merely a tool and in the right hands it can be used safely, like Tarot Cards just another tool this time to give a message or reading. But the main difference is that some very inexperienced people dabble with it not knowing the danger they are putting themselves in, often not protecting themselves properly or asking spirit guides to watch over them and only inviting spirit of light within their aura space. As well as ground and protecting them self firstly.