Near Death Experience

Although modern day medical science has improved so much that it has become possible to resuscitate and save many more individuals from near death situations and an increasing number are therefore being brought back to life. Some of these people are reporting having had experiences that goes beyond unconsciousness. It appears they have had a NDE, where they are having an out of body experience. May find themselves out of body looking on while freeing very calm and peaceful, or being drawn into a tunnel or portal of light, often being told to return to body. It seems many do not wish to return as they are experience such love and goodness and are very much at peace. These experiences are Near Death Experiences or NDE.

Description & Example of Near Death Experience

NDE's can vary considerably from one individual to another and this example is composed of some of the most common elements. For example: An individual that is involved in an accident and seriously injured or maybe seriously ill, may hear themselves being declared dead. This often acts as a trigger and they then find themselves moving rapidly down a tunnel, which can be a variety of colours, but it often is light or occasionally dark and more like a vortex. They may find themselves outside of their own body, looking down on themselves from above or standing close by watching what is happening in a peaceful state. Some watching those who are trying to resuscitate them and can be quite surprised at what has transpired, realizing that they must have died and this is usually accepted with calm resignation. While they are out of body they may be aware that they still have a body, which can feel quite different to their normal body or at times they may just feel like a conscious presence without a body.

While they are watching what is happening around their own deceased body, they become aware that others who themselves have passed away have come to join them, these are usually their own loved ones and spirit guides. When having a NDE some find moving away from their physical body very hard, as there seems to be an invisible barrier that prevents them from moving to far away, thsi might be what is called the silver cord a spiritual tether to the physical body that keep them close. Some encounter a being of light who seems to invoke an experience of great love and peace emanating from this being. Those who are resuscitated sometimes confide their experiences into loved ones and friends, but often they find it hard to tell others and express what has happened to them, especially those whom they think would be skeptical of such matters.

There are two main types of NDE that are experienced, which are based on people's beliefs and they are categorized, the first being, where a individual has a NDE based on their own Religious or personally held beliefs and understandings and a number who have found themselves out of the body unexpectedly have returned to their bodies much sooner than those having something close to what is expected. Very few that have a NDE and make it all the way through the tunnel of light to the other side. Those who do report many beautiful and peaceful experience beyond the physical realm.

Some after having a NDE find their spiritual and physical senses developing to become more spiritually aware. This I put down to that they have seen the light and that they are partly with it, which allows for their spirit to become more naturally developed.