Life Plan & Reincarnation

Predestined Life Plan

From what I can understand most of us here at this time are having our first life upon the earth and do not have a predestined life plan or soul blueprint. Those who do reincarnate here, are fairly evolved spiritual souls that would only be beneficial for us to have within our present life. Those who are dark cannot reincarnate until such a time as they are of light. This is so that we get a highly beneficial soul joining with our new spirit and soul. We each have a new life and spirit, and our past life has what is called past life amnesia and remains in a dormant state within us until we return to the spirit realms, where we can be re-awoken to our past by Father God at a time of our choice. It is possible the odd person might have a past life experience, but mostly it is Father God who hold the key to any past life experience. Father God very carefully match our past life to the present life, so they do not conflict in anyway and are not only very beneficial and compatible to each other. Father God only picks people here that he knows would enjoy having a past life with them.

Our lives are not set in stone or destined that certain things have to happen to us. We each create own destiny by our own free will choices. Yes Father God might help an opportunity to some who ask. like being in the right place at the right time to fulfill part of our destiny or find what we are seeking in life. So there is nothing that is forced upon us and there is no manipulation in anyway by Father God.

Quite simply, Father God picks the right life here that is going to have certain things that will happen in their life with or without a past life present and this is what would suit the past life's wishes, in what they have asked for by natural events in the new lifetime. There are things a past life can ask for, such as the location they might wish to go to and experience they would like to have in a new life. These reincarnating spirits, cannot change from their first gender and mostly spirit that reincarnate have evolved to a lever whereby reincarnation is made possible for them, which takes quite sometimes before their first reincarnation. After that they can reincarnate quickly again if they wished to. There are many more evolved spirit that choose not to reincarnate and to continue their evolution within the spirit realms and spiritual planes of evolution. It is a freewill choice for spirit and it can be highly beneficial to reincarnate for them and for us here also.