Grounding & Protection

Grounding & Protection

Grounding and protecting are two very important and basic things we need to do, especially in any spiritual work or meditation. These are foundations to help keep ourselves balanced and safe. It is important to ground and protect and ground at the end of any of these activities, as we are often in a more spiritual state where we need to refocus on the here and now or we can end up being very distracted, as our mind can be elsewhere in a more spiritual mode and thinking about what we have just done rather than focused on the physical world and life.


Before we begin any spiritual work or meditation it is good practice you ground ourselves. This helps us to harmonies with the earth energies and vibration and help to bring our mind into a more balanced state, where we become more aware and focused on the present activity in the here and now, so that we become and live in the present moment. This helps to clear the mind of many daily or spiritual distractions to allow us to concentrate and anchor ourselves to the earthly vibration in the moment and activity we are undertaking. If you have ever walk barefoot on wet sand or early in the morning on wet grass, you may have noticed yourself becoming very peaceful and harmonized in a happy and balanced state of mind, this is because we are deeply connecting and grounding with the earth and its vibration thought connection we make with the earth.

To ground yourself you can see roots growing out of you body or feet and going deeply into the earth, to from this connection to ground yourself, allowing your whole being to deeply connect with the earth and at the same time allowing the earth energies and vibration to rise back up into yourself, through these roots to harmonize your whole being. Another way is if to see yourself as a big tree, seeing your roots going deeply into the earth to ground, forming a string connection or you can find your own method.


If we are going to undertake any spiritual work or meditation to open our spiritual senses, then it is very important to protect ourselves. The reason for this is that we need to protect when we open into a more spiritual state, where we can pick up and take on disharmonies of others here, such as their feelings or suffering like depression. We can also in this state become more aware of spirit and can be affected by unwanted negative spirits, as there are both good and bad spirit in the afterlife. This is because as here, people in spirit do not always change for the better. So it is essential and good practice to protect ourselves with the white light of protection that comes from the source, the source being god or the universe. We can see this bright light descends upon us from above and entering into our crown chakra above our head, flowing down through our chakra system all the way down to our feet, filling us up like a bottle with its protective light, then overflowing out of the top of our head into and out beyond our aura, to form a bubble of protective light, that acts as a shield that forms around us to keep negativity at bay from other here or spirit as best as possible. When working with spirit or in meditation we should only ever invite good spirits or light to enter our aura protective space, which is the way in which they come close to us to form the link to communicate or help us in our spiritual work through making contact with our aura energy field.