Crossing Over

There is no need to fear death or for the well being of our loved ones who have died or are dying, as there is not death of spirit and we are all spiritual beings that will live forever and our loved ones all live on in a healthy state in the afterlife. They are mostly beyond our physical perceptions, although some here are aware of spirit at times. This is because we to are spirits having a physical existence ourselves and can sometimes develop or naturally have some abilities or awareness to sense spirit. So our loved one are well cared for and looked after, when their time comes to cross over into the spiritual realms and continuation of all life, which includes all life as there is no life without spirit, so animals and plants also going into the afterlife. Crossing over happens quickly with most, but they can remain here as long as they wish, or return here at anytime to visit. They also leave a small part of their spirit here in spirit orbs form, in this form they can fly and see and hear us and for those that are spiritually aware interact with them thought clairvoyance and such like. This is so they do not have to leave us and it allows them to get on with their new life in the spirit realm, while still being here with a semi separate state of mind that is link both here and in the spirit realm acting independently of each other if wish of their two states of mind.

Many wonder how long it takes for a loved one to pass or cross over into the afterlife and how long it takes before they leave the body. The answer is no time at all. Those who are in spirit return often through clairvoyant mediums to speak of these things, telling of how easy it was to cross over. All are free to make the transition into the spirit realms at mortal demise. This included all good or bad people, including those who have committed suicide and taken their own lives. There is no judgment, the spirit realm is for all life to pass onto as God loves all his life and it is our next stage of our life. At passing spirits speak of how they are greeted and met by their loved ones and spirit guides. AD the end of life here they come through our light to welcome us into the continuation of our spiritual life and to help us cross over and many spirit speak of how they are free of pain and happy to move on. Soon after we come out of body or sometime shortly before death we see brilliant light white light that illuminates before us, that light acts as a portal and tunnel of crossing between the earth and the realms of spirit, through which spirit can pass most freely into the afterlife or return here to the earth at any time we wish.

Once in spirit, spirits are well looked after and many stay with their family and friends. None here have to wait before they can make the transition into the spirit realms, although some may choose to remain upon the earthly plane for a time, as they wish to remain with their loves ones here to comfort them, often trying to make their presence felt, to let us know they have survived death. On occasion a traumatized person that has passed, may find it a little harder to cross over and can become earth bound for a time, as they feel they have unfinished business here in their life.

Spirit often return to talk about the afterlife and spirit realms and how well and happy they are there and that they are healthy once again and have been made whole by God! They speak of how they have rejuvenation or how they grow up if they are children children in to their prime of life, which in most cases in their young twenties in physical appearance, because spirit have a spirit body which is ageless and eternal life that will live forever.

The spirit worlds are in a very high state of vibration, beyond our normal physical perceptions, but they have the spiritual counterpart of matter in a spiritual state of vibration, so they have everything we have here in the spirit realms for material needs and their technology is considerably more advanced than our own. So the spirit world to all intents and purposes is a world that has most things we have here and is a very familiar world to our own. The light source in the spirit realm is artificial and they have time as we do. They do not have to eat or drink, although most enjoy it still and they do and like us have to sleep.

All no matter how good or bad they might of been here on this world, are free to pass on into the spirit realms, there is no judgment as to who is or is not befitting to live within the spirit realms, all are welcome. There is no hell, nor any devil, it is but a myth started by those who feared or wanted to explain why there are evil people.

There are many planes and levels of evolution within the spirit realms. We will each go to an appropriate plane and in nearly all cases, that is the next plane to this. There we can live happily and continue to live life and we are free to learn the lessons that are befitting for that level of understanding and evolution.

At some point we must all depart this mortal coil and this material plane of existence and return back to our true and eternal homes within the spiritual realms. When this time comes the spirit lives on and is released from the physical body, which acts as a host, as the true life within all physical life is spirit, so we are spirits first and foremost having a physical experience of life or those that are within other life forms here. There is no death, we all survive death. When this time comes to leave the physical body, it is somewhat like we sit up or walk out of body in spirit and the ties to the physical life are severed and we take on all things we are and have been in this lifetime into the next stage of life, so we really do not change that much. In spirit we are identical to our physical life here in mind and body, although god heals us and we begin to rejuvenate to perfect spiritual health. Spirit do not get illness and have diseases as they are immune to such things, other than there are some who still suffer mental issues like here and it can take time for them to resolve these things, but those who had ill health here, caused by a disability or deficiency and healed and not longer suffer these things in spirit.

The Spirit Realms

The spirit realms are worlds of God's creation and the earth plane in part of the spirit realms. It is a plane of spiritual and physical nature and existence. Beyond this plane there are another eleven planes all of spirit each higher plane being more spiritually evolved than the last. The earth is plane one and humankind in the spirit realms have evolved to plane ten and god lives on plane twelve. The spirit realms are beyond this world, where they are is anybody's guess, only that we can only get there or return back here thought the light that god gives and provide to each of us.