Aura & Chakra

The Aura & Chakras

The spiritual chakras are our spirit life force energy provider and they are of god power, that is they are an inexhaustible energy supply that will give us eternal life as spiritual beings of energy and light. The chakra are also greatly our spiritual perceptions centers through which we can sense psychically and spiritually, as well as perform other spiritual abilities like energy healings, where the healer channels the healing energies of the universe or god through themselves to others. These are the sixth senses and abilities that some have naturally, but most have to develop, as they are latent abilities. The chakras open and close as needed and each has it own purpose and abilities.

There are seven main chakras are as follows. The 1st Root or Base Chakra - Red at the base of the spine, this is our physical chakra relating to the physical life. The 2nd Sacral Chakra - Orange in the body three fingers below the navel, our sexual and reproductive chakra. The 3rd Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow below the rib cage within us three fingers above the navel, greatly our psychic intuitive gut feeling chakra. The 4th Heart Chakra - Green over the heart in the center of the chest, which is our emotional center. The 5th Throat Chakra - Blue in the throat, that helps us with the power of speech and through which spirit can also take control and speak through with some clairvoyant mediums. The 6th Brow Chakra - Indigo in the inner third eye, that we can see on and can if aware or spirit can be given images on from spirit. The 7th Crown Chakra - Violet in the the crown at the top of the head, connecting us to the spiritual. There are at least 114 chakra's, over 350 meridians or points that are energy channels or highways that run through our spirit which the life force flows through and 72,000 nadis, which are lesser life force channels in the human body (So the chakra provide life force and act a little like and energy heart and the meridians are somewhat a little like arteries of the spirit and the nadis somewhat like energy veins of the spirit all allowing essential life force energy to travel wherever needed through out spirit and being.) We have more chakra's above the crown chakra and below the feet we have the Earth chakra. Healer greatly use the chakra's in the palms of their hands to pass the healing energies to their clients or healee's. The chakra, meridians and nadis all serve a purpose. Our chakra's can work both independently of each other or together, hence why our aura changes colour depending one what we are doing as one chakra opens more and another closes or works in unison with one or more other chakra's.

The aura is produced greatly by our chakra energy system and can be a variety of colours, sometimes it can be seen in bands or areas of colour surrounding ourselves and all living things. Matter also give of a electromagnetic energy field that surrounding all things of matter. Those who are psychic can sometimes see the energy field surrounding all life and often the energy field given off by matter. The aura may change colours many times a day, depending on what we are doing, as one chakra open and another closes, sometimes they work together in harmony. Certain colours often have different meanings and vary from one people to another and the same colour can mean several different things. Our aura can be one or more colours when we wake up and change many times to be a different colour by the end of the day. Most people do have primary colour in their aura. Psychics that view the aura can often give a good reading from it as the aura represent our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states. The aura can be seen extending from the skin and can extend out from the body for a few feet at times. The aura can show our nature and many other aspects of our life. It can also show any depletion if we are unwell.

Apart for seeing the aura it is possible to touch it and come into contact with the aura energies. This can be done with the hands to feel the energy field around and person and come into contact with it. It most often feels like a tingling sensation or warmth/coolness or can feel like a wind like sensation on your hands as you come into contact with a person a or animals energy field. Sometimes when somebody else's aura touches ours it can send a shiver down our spine or cause goose bumps or be an unpleasant sensation, like when somebody is standing in your aura space in a queue for instance, because they are standing too close behind us.