Astral Projection

Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences

Astral projection and OBE (out of body experience) is often experience when asleep or sometimes during and meditation. A wide range sensations can be experienced when come out of body and when returning. Often including strong vibrations, heaviness, humming and suction noises, paralysis, difficulty breathing, heart racing and sometimes figures can be seen moving about, sometimes seen as shadows. These are often spirit guides or angels watching over us. When out of body normal senses are heightened and sensations of separating or returning to the physical body. Often with OBE's one can find themselves floating above their body or having feelings of traveling at incredible speeds, sometimes through a tunnel of light or darkness like a vortex.

People may feel as though they still have their body or may feel more elongated non-bodily form or as though they have no body at all and are just in mind and mental awareness. One does not need to be able to have a lucid dream to be able to have AP or OBE's. There can be a connection to lucid dreams as sometimes they can triggering a sleep state AP or OBE. There are many people that do not have lucid dreams and can still have astral projection or OBE's. Many expereince sleep paralysis or astral catatonia, where they cannot move and are frozen. There is no need to fear or be afraid of this, it will pass after a minute or two as the body has to be held still when leaving or when returning to body, so that the spirit may reform the connections to our physical body and life.

There is no need to fear not being able to return to body, as there is a spiritual connection between our physical body and spirit that will not sever until the end of our life here. So we will always return to body safely. The reason for the silver cord that connects our spirit to our physical body, is that there is no life without spirit, so the connect is kept so our physical life is safely kept alive if we travel out of body. Spirit cannot get into our body to posses us while we are out of body, because as we still have a spirit presence within us and spirit is solid to spirit.

If we have a local out of body experience, we can find ourselves walking around our homes or out outdoors sometimes and we might come across others out of body, they do not always react and often have no awareness they have been out of body. There have been those that deliberately astral project and try to meet up in the astral planes, some claim this works. Those who astral project can go to many locations, but mostly go to the astral spiritual plane. There they may go on journeys. Some are aware and see their spirit guides or angels, others sometimes meet loved ones in spirit, who have possessed over. This can last from a few minutes to a few hours.

Some people have unwanted astral projection or out of body experience, while others love it. If you wish to try these things, it takes believing in yourself and your spiritual abilities, as if you doubt your own spirit, then often it will not reward you with such an experience, as you have to be worth to earn it most often. Learning the basic before attempting AP or if you are already having these experiences is important. We need to learn how to properly ground and protect ourselves, as there are a few very unpleasant spirit out there and it is really important to learn how to properly open and close the spirits chakra energy centers and spirit. Opening the chakra's and spirit will greatly increase the chances of having astral projection or a OBE. It is very important to close your chakra's and spirit when you return to body, so you do not walk around open and picking up unpleasant feelings from other people when you are in crowds or unwanted spirit that might come to you. It is also important to ground yourself to bring yourself back into the here and now to center yourself and plug yourself back into the earthly vibration and existence.

You can see my video on grounding, protection and how to open and close your spirit below.