Reiki ASMR Healing Session Videos

Neil Cooper Reiki Master Healer & Teacher

This is my ASMR Reiki Healing and Sleep Series. I am a fully qualified Reiki Master & Teacher. I seal healing into all these videos, so that the act of a medium through which the healing will pass to anyone who watches them that who would like to receive the healing or the ASMR tingles or whispers. I also have many other guided healing meditations ** HERE **

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and it refers to a phenomenon which is very difficult to explain to those that do not experience it. It is usually experienced through a relaxing tingling in the scalp and the back of the neck and can extend into the rest of the body.

These Videos Get Better As You Progress Through Them

Glitches - Reiki ASMR #4 Featured