Reiki Natural Healing System

Reiki is a Japanese natural energy healing system for stress reduction and relaxation, that heals and promotes self healing to take place. Reiki will heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs and is given by the laying on hands, called contact healing or given through the aura. Reiki uses unseen universal life force energies that are channel by the healer to the person or animal receiving them. They come from the universe or in some cases from god or both healing sources and is life force or spiritual healing. Reiki can greatly aids natural recovery to take place where possible. Reiki boosts the life force energies that we all have that keep us alive to help us to lead a well balance healthy life. Reiki brings the mind body and spirit into balance and harmony, promoting a peaceful and relaxed state of well-being and will clear any blockages in the life force and spirit energy system.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing like reiki channels healing energies that come from the healing source, in many cases this is God or the universe in some cases. Most energy healing systems are similar, in that they channel beneficial life force and spiritual energies to heal and help those in need.

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