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Neil Cooper

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Hello friends! Many of you might know me from my YouTube channel. I have been teaching and healing on YouTube since 2007 and first created this website in 2000, which has now been moved to this website host.

I have had a few passions in my life. One of which was being a shepherd here in the UK. The other was becoming aware of spirit and discovering that I am a spiritual being, having a physical human existence. This sparked my interest on the topic and I soon after I become aware of spirit and I found a local spiritualist church. I received many messages there through the working mediums demonstrations clairvoyance and proving survival of death. I especially had many messages from my mother and grandfather on my father's side and other relatives in spirit. These spirits gave me evidential messages through the mediums, to prove it really was them and that they are still very much alive and well in the next life. They spoke to me of many memories we had shared together, while they were still here on the earth, as well as very accurately describing my current situations of life, to let me know they visited me and watched over me often.

I also sat in spiritual development and awareness class that was run at my local spiritualist church. I have at times been able to give clairvoyant messages on the rare occasion to others, but mostly have been concentrating on my healing and sharing my insights and understanding into many spiritual subjects and life situations. I became a trainee healing at my local spiritualist church in 2000, but I was not well myself at the time, so I decided to leave it after six months of the two years it took to become fully qualified. I have since in 2015 take my Reiki Levels 1 & 2, then followed in 2016 to become a Reiki Master and in 2017 become a Reiki Master Teacher. This was to help myself to keep developing my healing abilities to the highest level and begin to pass on this knowledge and gift onto others as a Reiki Master Teacher.

I very much enjoy helping people on YouTube, as I reach a bigger audience and find it very rewarding when I manage help someone who watches or enjoys my videos.

This Song Echoes My Hopes for the World


Childhood Days

I was born on the 9th of December 1962 to my mother Mary at 3am on a Sunday morning, in a tied cottage on the Goodwood Estate Motor Circuit, near the south coast of England. This is where my Father worked. Although I did not know it, this was part of my destiny that Father God had given me to be born here, which I found out about in 1995. Indeed it was the hand of God in my life. I had been here upon the earth before, in a past lifetime and more than once and now in this life I have a new life and spirit to live. Later in 1995 I found out that I have a highly evolved reincarnated being that is with me, what some call a group soul, only that I have past life amnesia and do not remember my past and will not do so until the time comes for me to be re-awoken to my past lives by Father God in the spirit realm.

I and my past life has a destiny to be Father God's teacher upon this world in time to come and in one on my five past lives, I was Mark a disciple of Christ and had written one of the four Gospels of Jesus Christ. It was because of this I was meant to be born to my mother Mary, whose name is a modern and comes from the name Miriam, as was Christ's mother Mary/Miriam in his time here. I was given the middle name of Christopher, which means, the "Love of Christ in the heart". These two things were no accident, it was Gods hand at work helping my life and destiny here, nor was it a accident I was born on the Goodwood estate. I grew up on the Goodwood Estate. Most of my childhood I live up on the Southdowns Hills on the Goodwood horse racecourse and it was beautiful, I really enjoyed living in the countryside as a child, often out exploring the hills and woodlands.

Sadly at the age of eleven, I lost my mother Mary to cancer. It took me a long time to come to terms with this and the day after her death, was the first time I had ever earnestly prayed to god, asking him to look after my mummy until I got there.

All in all I was a very happy child, fairly shy and introverted and a very loving child and I had a very gentle and peaceful nature. I know I inherited this from both sides of my family, as they are all very caring and gentle people and I feel very blessed to have them in my life.

My Love of Shepherding

I did not do well at school with learning difficulties, mostly short term memory loss. So when it came time to leave school, I had no qualifications and I decided to make an appointment to see the goodwood estate farm manager to ask if I could working on the estate farm. My grandfather on my father's side had been a dairyman, milking cows all his life and I liked being with him on the farm where he used to work and he was a great inspiration to me. Well I got the job and started working part time on some weekends in the spring of 1979 with the shepherd, as it was March and lambing time. I really enjoyed working with the shepherd and sleep. Then when I started full time in April I work with the youngstock cattle. These were the calves and younger cattle reared for the dairy and others for beef. I very much enjoyed it and often help out driving tractor at busy times such as during the harvest. Sometimes I also got to work with the shepherd. Over time I enjoyed working with the sheep more than anything else. I was also attending Brinsbury Agricultural College one day a week in the winter months for three years and did really well there with a credit and distinction in my City & Guilds exams for sheep and beef production and sheep management.

Then one day when I was 18, my big break came, as the farm director stopped for a chat with my friend and I, who was also working on the farm and was a year younger than myself. The farm director ask what we wanted to do in our farming careers and I immediately said! I would like to be a Shepherd and my friend said he wanted to be a tractor driver. Our boss turned to me and said, "the shepherd is retiring it two years and you can be his under shepherd until then and if you are good enough by the time he retires, you can take over from him as the shepherd". Well I loved it and excelled at being a great under shepherd and took over as the shepherd in 1994. This was just before my 21st birthday. I had also go married in this same year.

Once again this was the hand of God giving me opportunities to be a shepherd, as if you were somebody here to become a world teacher of God, he would probably help his instrument to become a Shepherd, to then be his teacher to the world to guide the flock of humanity. So being a Shepherd would seem appropriate career to have and this is why Father God also picked Goodwood as a good place for me to be born. Yet I had no idea about any of this, until my spiritual awakening in 1995.

The photo is me at Goodwood in 1986 & the video was filmed at Goodwood in 2015 on a visit

After two years of being the shepherd of 1300 breeding ewes and Goodwood, I wanted more responsibility for managing the flock, as sadly the farm manager was not good at delegating responsibility and a few people left because of it. I to decided to look for another shepherding position, with more managerial responsibility and in late summer of 1986, I was offered a job looking after 700 breeding ewes on the Kiddington Estate in Oxfordshire, some 120 miles away. I moved there with my then pregnant wife, who was expecting our first child. I was nearly twenty four at the time. My children were all born while we lived in Oxfordshire. I stayed there for 3 years, but it was some distance to drive back to visit our relatives. So I decided to look for a shepherding position closer to our families here is West Sussex. I found and was offered a job on a very modern farm, called Poyal Farm in Surrey near Aldershot and Guildford, looking after 1300 breeding ewes and it was just 30 miles away from our families.

I very much enjoyed my life as a shepherd, it was a way of life and it was a vocation to me in my life. While at Poyal Farm we entered the Best Flock Award for the South East of England and the two years that we entered it, we won first first place. On the third year I was at Poyal farm in 1993, there was a ressionsion here in the UK and it was affecting the sheep industry quite badly. Three months before the end of my yearly contract, the owners told me they were not going to renew my contract and they planned to sell the flock and get out of keeping sheep. A year before this in 1992 I had mutually split up with my wife. I missed my children very much, but they often come to say with me on my weekends off.

After Shepherding

Luckily I was seeing somebody who helped to find me a job working on building sites subcontracting for their father. I did not enjoy working on building sites as a labours, but it was a job that I was grateful for. I really missed my shepherding and working with my border collie sheepdogs. I had founds good homes for them when I left the farm on other livestock farms. It would of been unfair to take them away from what they loved working sheep or cattle.

Tractor Driver

After working six months on the building site, I was keen to find a local job that I would enjoy and in the first week of 1994. I knew there were no farming jobs locally, so I wrote three letters, one to Surrey County Council , one to Aldershot Borough Council and One to Guildford Borough Council, asking if they had any vacancies for tractor drivers, as I had worked on farm and had plenty of expereince as a tractor driver and had experience in grass mowing and hedge cutting and such like. I posted the letters on a Monday and got at call from Guildford Borough Council grounds maintenance department and went for an interview on the Wednesday and was offered a job and I started the following Monday. The actual job to begin with was to fill in when any of the current three tractor drivers were on holiday or ill. I had been taken on as one of the tractor drivers was due to retire in two years and I would take over from him at that time. This was the second week of January 1994.

There was not much tractor driving work at that time of year anyway. Myself and another tractor driver often went out with the ground maintenance tree surgeons to help them out. It was here I met Peter the head tree surgeon and he was the most amazing man, so worldly wise and such in interesting man to listen to and I was amazed that he had done so much in his life and I got on with him really well. He was a very conscientious man, I could tell as I was like this way myself. I made few friends in this lifetime, partly because I am introverted and a loner in life, as well as being very fussy about my friends. Soon Peter started to take me under his wing and we become the best of friends greatly respecting each other.

Then in March I was asked by my boss, another lovely man, if I could help the tractor driver who I was due to replace in two years when he retired, to put the verge and hedge cutter on his tractor. I did so, then the tractor drive said! "well I am off the see the council doctor, I might get early retirement due to ill health". I went around the main yard and my boss asked me to wait around and did not give me anything to do. Two hours later the tractor driver returned and went into the office for ten minutes and left. Shortly after my boss came out of the office to me. I was standing by the tractor he had asked me to park in the main yard and he said, "well do you feel you can take this on", as the other tractor driver had just been given immediate early retirement. I said, "yes sure I can". My boss gave me my days work to do mowing verges. This again was Father Gods hand knowing that within three months of starting my there I would be replacing the early retiring tractor driver, rather than waiting the two years. Of course I still had not Idea about any of this and that I had been given a destiny in this lifetime by Father God.

After three months of tractor driving my boss come out and told me what a great job I was doing of taking over from the retired tractor driver and that I was every bit as good as he was. I saw Peter often to talk to and sometimes I helped him using my tractor or he would help me clearing paths for me to access woodland with my tractor. My friendship with Peter kept growing, he truly kept amazing me with his wisdom and with such wise advice. He was such a kindly and very conscientious like myself. I used to notice several others at the end of the day who would wait until Peter was on his own and they would then go over to him to ask for his advice. AS for myself I myself never really asked others for advice, I dealt with my own issues in life.

This is a Picture that was drawn of Peter by a psychic friend of mine. They sketched him upon my request in the early 2000's and it is a spitting image of Peter. He used to have his hair like this tied back in a pony tale.

My Calling

The in the autumn of 1994 I decided I would like to be an even better man than I already was. I was very conscientious gentle and good man already, but there is always room for improvement. One of the first things I decided to change was to be more positive. At work mostly people use to come up to me and moan, as they do about the boss. I had a lot of respect for my boss and thought highly of him, so instead of just agreeing with those who liked to moan about him to get rid of them, I told them I did not agree with them and told them I thought that he was a great boss, who did a really good job. After that they did not come moaning to me any longer, which I was happy for.

About two weeks after this, something strange started to happen to me. I had a deep calling to find something. I did not know what it was, whether it was within me or without of me in the world. In the back of my mind I had thought it could be something spiritual, but I had no idea what it was or how to find it. Later I realised this was the beginning of my spiritual awakening. Over the coming months it kept getting strong and by early December of 94, I started to think, I might have to give everything up and travel the world to find the answer? Because this calling was so strong, that I knew I had to find out what it was.

Around Christmas time of 94 I was just 32 and was inspired to learn to dance, so every night I danced for 30 minutes and went out night clubbing once or twice a week. I slowly over the next three months became an excellent dancer and became extremely fit, especially in my legs.

The First MIracle of God

Going back to two days after my I decided to bring the relationship to a close, I had something happen to me that was mind boggling and it was a miracle of god. I was a very unassuming person, so why would god do anything like that for me? It never occurred to me that Father God wanted to give me a sign and miracle. It was on the Monday morning just three days after I decided to bring the relationship to a close. I got up to get ready for work and went into the bathroom, I looked up into the mirror and the whites of my eyes were pure white. I had worked on the farms for many years and especially during the harvest time when I got lots of dust in my eyes. So much so that my eyes had become very bloodshot and it was particularly noticeable first thing in the morning, and even in the daytime there were some very visible capillary veins that showed up in my eyes, more than most people and was very aware of that.

I could not believe it! My mind could not get around how something like this could possibly be happening? I kept checking my eyes all day long in my tractor mirror and it was amazing! They stayed this way and even today many years later they are nowhere near as bad. In the end I could only put it down to some freak phenomena of nature that must of happened to my eyes? But really it was Father God. His hand was in my destiny once more and I believe the message was, "I am here and you are seeing clearly". So he was trying to get my attention, to get me thinking along this line, but I was too unsuspecting of such things and did not put 2 and 2 together.


It was also about Christmas time of 1994 that I was inspired to dance by the person I was going out with. It was also about this time that I decided that I would like to get fit and started to go swimming once a week. In the end after two months, I was power swimming 80 lengths in a hour and at the same time early January, I started to dance nearly every night in my bedsit accommodation for about thirty minutes. Over the next couple of months, I got super fit and my dancing was slowly improving to a very good level. The calling within me was still getting stronger to find whatever it was that was calling me?

By early March I was really dancing well and the odd person would come up to me and comment on my dancing. I was pretty much getting athletically fit in my legs and it felt like my legs were on suspension springs when I was walking my legs were so fit, I certainly had a spring in my step. Then in night late March 1995, I went to what was then Harpers Nightclub in Guildford and had the most amazing expereince ever while dancing.

The upstairs dance floor was empty, it was still early in the evening, around 10pm and song come on that I loved. I had no inhibitions, I went on the dance floor and right away I realised my dancing was for the first time absolutely perfect. My body and the music was in perfect harmony and could feel I had really become one with the music in mind and body, almost like my body was the music in motion and showing it through my dancing. I was really happy to of struggled for so long to get to this level, where I had finally achieve what was so difficult to do and would be hard for most to achieve.

Then it happened! After about thirty second of nailing my dancing, I felt a big powerful feeling of warmth and energy that started inside me below my ribcage inside my belly. I had never expereince anything like this and it was a lovely warm feeling of uplifting and vibrant energy. Right away it started to move down toward my legs and up toward my head. I did not know it at the time, but this was all of my spiritual chakra opening. It was like I was lighting up like a Christmas tree in a spiritual sense of energy and I felt very vibrant. Then my spirit took control and it was beautiful. My spirit was dancing and I felt as light as a feather and was virtually floating across the dance floor. I could just feel my feet lightly tapping on the dance floor. It was truly the most amazing experience I had ever had. I knew it was my own spirit doing this. I realized afterward that this was an awakening of my spirit and that my higher self had taken control. During the second song my higher self clearly thought to me and said! "This is just the beginning of what I can do!" Then toward the end of the third song all my chakras began to close again and I return to a normal state. It seems the spirit love to dance to music, as it is mind body spirit and music all as oneness.

I walk off the dance floor knowing without a doubt that I was indeed a spiritual being. I knew if I could have this expereince, that there was probably more I could find and discover. I then knew that if I was a spiritual being, then some sort of God must exist and that there must be some kind of afterlife. I was happy because I knew my mother who had passed over when I was eleven, would be alive and well in that afterlife. I was so happy after this experience, as it was lovely. Over the next three months I had this expereince twice more. I realised that I had indeed found what it was that had been calling me for the past six months. Yes my very own spirit had been calling me to find it and I had found it through dancing. I was thinking before this expereince, that I might have to go sit in some temple in some far off country to find to answer. This was the beginning of my spiritual awakening and there was much more to follow shortly. I did not tell anyone of this expereince, I kept it to myself. After all who would believe me anyway.

In early to mid April of 95 and it was a warm sunny spring day, I managed to get back to my lodgings, near where I work for my lunch break. I decided to sit in the back garden with my shirt off and enjoy the sunshine. I laid down for a while, feeling the warm sun on me. There were a number of very thin vaporous clouds about, that I could see the blue sky through behind them. I then notice one was coming along that would slightly block the sun and I just thought to the sun "Come on Sun burn through that cloud!" and as the cloud about the width of the Sun began to touch the ark of the Sun it started to disappeared as it touched it in a semicircle and the whole cloud that was the same height as the Sun and is eat it away until is was completely gone and did not block the sun at all. What's happening I thought to myself? This is not possible!? The Sun cannot do that! But it did, my mind was boggling on how such a thing could have possibly happen? I looked for a while at similar clouds and none of them were disappearing? How could this happen? Then a few minutes later the same thing, another cloud was going to block the Sun and again and I thought "Come on Sun burn through that cloud!" and it did! How could this be happening!? Then again another cloud came along and again I said "Come on Sun burn through that cloud!" yet again it burnt up the whole cloud as it touched its arc without blocking it one bit.

I went back to work and my mind was boggling and mystified in incomprehension on how such a thing could happen. I had to force myself to put it to the back of my mind end, because I could not explain it? This was the hand of Father God doing a miracle to get my attention to his existence, but why? As for me, I was a very unassuming person and I did not think it was god, why would he do this for me. At that time I just could not explain it.

Father God was indeed trying to get my attention, that he was doing these things for another reason, one that I missed. About this time a physical phenomena started to happen to me, one that I could not explain, it was only there sometimes and other times not. Quite often it was there when I was on my own or at a quite time. It was very annoying and after two weeks, I went to the hospital to get them to check it out. They check it very carefully and reported there was nothing wrong with me. But how could that be? It was there and happening! I am not going to share exactly what it was, but it was given to me by Father God to try to to help me find the light. This was 4 weeks before I moved into lodgings in Peters home. Why was this happening. Because impending spiritual danger was lurking in my future, once I moved into Peter's home. So Father God was trying to help me before that time in order to try to protect me. I was just too unassuming to get his message and did not put it down to him anyway. It was unexplainable to me at that time.

Lodging With Peter My Best Friend

It was by this time mid April 1995 and I was finding my rent really hard to afford in my double bedside. I spoke to Peter about it, he was my best friend and I trusted him with my life. He said I have a spare room and I have had lodgers before, you are welcome to have a room in my home. I asked how much rent and he said a small donation would do and we agreed an amount. He said I could use his home like my own, coming and going as I wished. It was half the rent I was paying at the time, so I made my mind up to move into Peter's home in the last week of April 95.

I felt very comfortable in Peter's home, we had become the best of true friends. I myself had always been an introvert, as well as very conscientious and did not make friends easily, because to me they had to be quite exceptional in their qualities and treat me as I would treat them. Peter was just such a man. He was very respectful and highly conscientious, as well as completely trustworthy. The kind of man who would never let you down and he had very high standards of life and the way he respected and treated others.

Peter Tells me he is the son of god

After I had been living at Peter's home for about a week. One evening when I got home, it was about 10 pm and as I walked back into Peter's home, he and another were sat in his front room. Peter said "Neil may I have a word with you". I walked in the front room and Peter said, "Neil I am the son of God, Citadel" The other person in the room then said "What he says is true" They then got up and left. Peter turned to me and said, "God will prove his reality and existence to you". He left it at that and I went to bed. I trusted Peter with my life and did not disbelieve what he has said, he was a very good and honest man, so I kept an open mind to this being the possible truth.

I got up the next morning to go to work and as I was about to go out of the front door to work, Peter come to me and said, "Neil today God will prove his reality and existence to you in music, but do not test God!" I went to work and got in my tractor, I turned on the radio as normal and three songs played right away back to back that more or less said! God is real and exists, believe in him. I did test god that day, I changed channels two or three times and there instantly were more songs saying this God exists or believe in him in some way. I turn that radio of for a while, then back on again, Father God was there every time with songs that played just for me to hear and each time two or three songs play one after the other. By 10 O'clock in the morning, I knew for certain that God truly does exist and that he was proving this to me. I did not need any more proof, but it went on all day and it was such an inspirational day of musical proof, given to me by Father God. It of course also let me know that Peter was indeed the Son of God called Citadel. Peter was given his name by God, and it means "The Safe Retreat". He and brother Christ are both our protectors. I forgot most of the songs that were given and played to me on that day, because I have short term memory loss and find it hard to remember the names of songs and such like, but here is one I found for you to listen to. They were all popular on the radio in 95.

This is one of the songs I got on my day of musical proof from God

Why Not Believe in Him by Morel Inc

My spiritual awakening by Father God and Peter, soon truly began and lasted for three months in all. It was the most amazing and inspiring time of my life, I was so happy. During this time I was put with the light, that we would not normally find until physical death and crossing over through it as it is like a portal between the earth and the spirit realms. My light would allow me to travel at night into the spirit realms and to also power up my spiritual abilities, such as clairvoyance and psychic senses. Peter at some point told me that I have had other lives, five in fact, before this new life and expereince I am having now. Peter told me that in one of those live I was Mark a disciple of Christ while he was here.

Soon after this I found my true soulmate in an unexpected way. Peter told me that my Master Spirit Guide Suling, who has had 4 lives herself and is from plane 10, the highest plane that spirit humans have evolved to so far, was my past life spirit wife. It was soon after this a remembered that I had a vision of 1992 and it was of Suling loving me, but it was although I was not meant to know of her yet at that time. After being told this, I soon fell deeply fell in love with Suling and knew she was my true soulmate and I knew she had always been there waiting in the wings for me to be awoken to find her to become my true soulmate as my spirit wife.

During my awakening Father God gave me many other wonders and one more miracle. The last miracle that Father God gave me was, one night when I went out to Harpers night club on my own. Just before I left I put on my purple T-shirt that I had been inspired to dye it that colour, due to my purple day of proof and as I come down stairs to go out, Peter come to me and said! "Neil where for first begin to perspire, there will be a sign on you" Well right away I guessed, it would be the sign of Christ, as it go very hot in the nightclub and I would first begin to perspire down the middle of my chest and just under it and because I had been Christs disciple in a past life and still in this lifetime to, this made sense.

It was not long after I started dancing in Harpers nightclub in Guildford, on the downstairs dancefloor, that I got hot and began to perspire a little. Then it happened! Out of nowhere a brilliant white light shone onto my chest, I looked down and it was brilliant white light in the perfect shape of the cross, running down the center of my chest and across just below my chest muscles. I was so happy that Father God had put this sign on me, to acknowledge I was his son Christ's disciple Mark. There were know lights in that club that could of done this. It lasted for about ten seconds then went. I looked up and looked around the downstairs dance floor to see if anybody else had seen this miracle, but nobody had, I then looked up at the upstairs balcony, but sadly nobody else had share this miracle with me and I knew they were not meant to, at which I felt a little sad, that I could not of shared this with somebody else and just as I finished thinking this, it come again, exactly the same. It last about six seconds this time and again once it was gone, I looked around the downstairs dance floor, but nobody had seen it, then I looked up and my eyes beheld a true picture, there was a woman in her mid to late twenties with her eyes transfixed to my chest and her mouth was hanging wide open in sheer disbelief at what she had just witnessed, yes a miracle! She too had been allowed share this with me by Father God and I have often wondered if he picked her for a reason? It was such a picture the look on her face, she knew she had just seem a miracle. I will never forget the look on her face and I was smiling my head off, yet she did not even notice I was looking at her, as her eyes were transfixed to my chest, with a look of amazement at what she had just witnessed.

I had many more wonders and amazing things happen during my spiritual awakening with Peter and Father God. In 2010 I decided to make a series of 38 videos, talking about all that happened to me during my awaken and put them in a playlist on YouTube as it does more justice to all that happened as follows. I have made one more since visiting Guildford in 2016.

Neil Coopers Spiritual Awakening & Destiny to Serve - Playlist with CC Subtitles ** HERE **

It was now around June and Peter took me to a Spiritualist meeting place in Guildford and he said, "here you will find those of like mind". I got a message through the medium from spirit that night, Peter and I went there once more and I received another message. A few weeks before this Peter had given me a message himself as he was clairvoyant and it was from my mother Mary in spirit, who has passed over from cancer in the mid seventies when I was eleven years old. It was truly wonderful to hear from her and she gave proof it was her. Since then my mother and my grandfather on my father's side have come to me many times through mediums at my local spiritualist church here in Bognor Regis. It was in the spiritualist meeting place in Guildford that Peter introduced me to one of the healers there saying! "This is my as his disciple". During my awakening I indeed had been Peter disciple here upon the earth.

The Awakening

Peter was here in the service of his Father God and was here to begin Father God's Spiritual Awakening of the Earthly Plane, as well as awaken myself to my purpose. On the 13th of June 1995, which was Peter's 50th birthday, Peter and I sat in his front room and he asked Father God in quiet prayer in the correct ways and prayers that Father God might give the Earth a spiritual awakening. I was with Peter and at the time and he linking with the three others here who were here with Peter. They had also reincarnated here aroundabout the same time Peter was born 13th of June 1945 and the others mid to late 40's. This was just after the end of the second world war and Peter told me that was WW1 and WW2 that were the reasons why Father God had decided to give this world a spiritual awakening and no doubt all the wars that are continuing happen, as well as the great harm we are doing to our world and each other in this modern day.

It is my belief that man's impact on this world is the reason for Father Gods Awakening and that man is causing and heading for a catastrophe of his own making, if not mass extinction by his own hand. Mostly down to his greed and desire for power and control. Man has become like a plague of locusts on this world, consuming it at the expense of all life, including our own. Causing great harm to the environment and pollution for his own greed's sake. So if we are to survive, we must change and live in harmony and balance with the planted and environment and all other life here.

After Peter had finished asking Father God to give this world a spiritual awakening. Peter then turned to me and said, "My work is now done, it is yours to take on where I leave off". I was very surprised to realise that it was me that was here to be Father Gods spiritual teacher to mankind. Up until then I thought it was Peter who would be the world teacher and that I was merely here to support him in his work. Peter then said, "I do not wish to teach publicly", I understood it was because of what mankind had done to his brother Christ while he was here, crucifying him.

After I realised this, for the next few days I kept turning to God and sending my thoughts to him, saying! "why me? why me? I am not spiritual, I am not religious? At that time I did not understand that this was what was exactly the right thing for me to be, as I could not at that time understand why Father God would chose me, but in time I come to understand that is exactly what Father God wished. He wished me to be a clean slate to find my feet and understanding from then on. I was guided by Peter to those of like mind at the spiritualist church, this was a place I could learn all about the latent spiritual gifts and understand many better way to live and be in life. I also received so many messages of support from my Mother and Grandfather and receive a weekly healing to help me cope, with the things in my life that become my lessons of great hardship and suffering in life.

It was late June by this time and Peter told me that I was Father Gods disciple. All that has happened to me since has been an opportunity for me to learn, often through hardship and suffering. Part of my service was to be attacked by spirit and this was so that I would seek to get this world for better protection from negative spirits from our spirit guide and the spirit realm taking a big part and responsibility in protecting us more fully. This was so that Father Gods Spiritual Awakening of the Earthly Plane could and will be a far safer one. By early July things were coming to a close with my awakening, which Peter had told me earlier that I was getting a crash course awakening, this was because of a conspiracy happening again us, god intruments. By this time Peter told me that Father Gods says! "you are on the ferris wheel". I did not understand it at that time, but I later understood it was to let me know I was going around in circles and finding it hard to escape the situation I found myself in with spirit that have managed to get to stop me from being of serving here.

The Spiritual Attack and Conspiracy

On the 16th of July 1995, things when terribly wrong for me. I did not know it, but there was a conspiracy that had been hatched against Peter and he had already told me he had problems with his spirit guides and had sacked them all. I had inadvertently walked straight into a conspiracy and trap, as at least one of my own guides had betrayed me and become a part of this conspiracy against Father Gods Spiritual Awakening of the Earthly Plane and against those here serving in it here who were Peter and myself. Those behind this conspiracy, I later realised were organised crime in the spirit realm, located on the next plane are are english. Their thinking is to stop the Awakening in the hope things will get much worse here, so more will suffer and turn to vice, so that in time they would profit greatly in the spirit realm from people suffering here and turning up in the spirit realm and using the same vice there that they supply to those in spirit who use it. They also managed to steal some very evil technology that can block and render me incapable of communicating with spirit. It can also inflict great pain and torture to me through my spirit.

So on the 16th of July 1995 they decided to try to kill me through torturing me so much it forced me to take my own life and I did try, but Father God stopped them and saved me. That day I was chased away from my home at Peter's. If you wish to know more about this attack on myself, you can see my story on my youtube playlist ** HERE ** or view below.

Father God Helped Me in Songs Many Times

Father God helped me find this song to give me the strength to get through the early part of my spiritual attack from late 95 into early 96 which was as close to being hell as it gets.

My Recovery

I suffered greatly at the hands of these evil spirit, but slowly fort to recover, its been over twenty two years nearly now as I write this and I am still suffering greatly at their hands, but am slowly making progress. You can watch my YouTube recovery playlist ** HERE **

Spiritual Justice & Protection

I have been trying not only to get myself justice and protection from the spirit realm since 1996, but very much wanting to see justice for us all from bad or evil spirit that attack some here. I tried and tried to find help and it was not until mid July of 2011 that finally I got notice and taken seriously by the spirit realm. You see all spirits are here in spirit orb form and this is the form we mostly need protecting from. We cannot police them, only those in spirit can police spirit and protect us from them. For them to do so it would take mass co-operation in the spirit realms and sadly they do not all get along just like here on this world. But I got their attention as to why we need justice especially now, because of the spiritual awakening and that the earth plane needs to be properly protected if a spiritual awakening is to take place. I myself cannot get free unless the spirit realm achieves this, as I am in a trap that was set for me. So I was sent here to make the path straight for the awakening, by asking the spirit realm for protection and help to make it safe and protected for us to be awoken to spirit here fairly safely in most cases, so that the awakening will be a good and safe and good one. It will never be 100% safe, but in most cases pretty safe and any that get any trouble with spirit, mostly will soon be helped by the spirit realm and those protectors and gatekeepers we have will find a way to put most things to rights.

Father Gods Spiritual Awakening of the Earthly Plane

This is my story up until now and how it has been ordained by Father God, as I am to be his teacher and shepherd to the earth and all mankind. I have a great love and compassion to help my fellow mankind.

The reason Father God has decided to give this world a spiritual awakening now is, we are destroying this world and endangering the future of this world through pollution, greed and seeking power over the world's resource. This often is leading to war and conflict, casing a great deal of death and destruction. In my mind there is no doubt we are heading for mass destruction and almost certainly mass extinction. Reason enough for Father God to intervene to help us and all here now and all the future generations to come. So it is my belief that if this world is inspired to find the connection with spirit and the spirit realms and spirit can inspire us to save this world and ourselves and all future generations to come. Because spirit will inspire us and we will be guided by those loving spirit who come to help us and be of service, to help us find a much better and brighter future for all. We have to all stand up for a better and more peaceful world that respects each other and the environment.

If we open our eyes we can clearly see the damage we are doing to this world and that we are already at the eleventh hour. Because some have become like a plague of locusts strpping this world bear of all its assets and resources, often fueled by greed and they are irrevocably destroying this world for gain, greed, power and control. This world and life cannot sustain such pollution, so we must change if we are to save this world for ourselves and all future generations to come and we must start to act responsibly for all to come, they are our future grandchildren and beyond. We own it to them to save this world, don't we? So the only way to overcome all this destruction man is causing on this world is by inspiring the people to be peaceful and stand up for change for the better worldwide and the awakening can be a catalyst to help for a better world and humanity.

One more teacher here can have some effect, but it would not change what is happening, so it is Father God's plans to awaken us to many great teachers from the spirit realms and to our loved ones in spirit, to help us realise we are spirits ourselves and that we are here to experience and learn from this life, to take on to the next life and level of evolution. In the hope we will each take on personal responsibility not only for ourselves and those we love, but also collectively to look after our beautiful world and help it to survive, rather than the path we are on tof certain destruction.

I am sure if we survive and live in balance and harmony with the environment and all other life here, we will in a long time learn to most likely travel deeply into space and terraform other worlds to populate and if man achieve this we many survive the end of this world when the Sun runs out of fuel, in some five billion years, to then live on within the universe indefinitely.

So we have to change for the better and if leaving it to those in power that have greed they will destroy this world for sure. So it is people power in mass and in peaceful ways that will truly save this world by good people supporting and standing up for good changes and a responsible way of living with the environment and all other life here. Seeking to support peace on earth and an end to the destruction of Earth, by those seeking greed, power and control. The things that are surely going to kill us all if we do not change.

I see it like this. There are two paths of life we can tread. The integral one where we live a consionsious life, respecting others and the world we live on, to climb to the top of our mountain in life, even with all the struggles we face and the other is, some choose to take the shortcut to fulfil our desires, showing a lack of integrity, disrespecting others and the world we live on. Greatly consuming and exploiting the others and the world we live on for their own greed or gain. Change for the better helps humanity grow and the other treads on their corpses to get to the top and leads to great suffering and destruction. The thing that will change this world is people power, when good people stand up and stand together to be counted for good things, because they become an unstoppable ocean and movement for the greater good of all.

Love, Light & Peace ~Neil