Neil Lloyd

I am Teaching Fellow at the University of Warwick. I teach courses in Microeconometrics and Research Methods.

My research interests are in Labour Economics; in particular, the relationship between public institutions and individual labour market outcomes in both developed and developing countries. My job market paper demonstrates how the income tax structure interacts with the asymmetry of childbirth to incentivize strategic, infra-marginal labour supply adjustments by both mothers and fathers. In a different paper I examine the impact of incorporation on self-employed workers’ labour supply and hiring practices, exploiting regulatory changes at the province-profession level in Canada.

In work with Thomas Lemieux and Nicole Fortin (JOLE, 2021), we re-examine the importance of spillover effects when measuring the impact of labour market institutions on the wage-distribution. In a separate paper we examine the direct and indirect impact of Right-to-Work laws in the US. We develop a framework to examine how this institutional change affected both union coverage and non-union wages. This involves a decomposition of the IV estimator when the exclusion restriction does not hold.

In ongoing work on the South African labour market, I am working on the understanding the low levels of self-employment and entrepreneurial intent in the region. Together with Juan Felipe Riano, we are working on a historical paper examining the potential role of recruitment into the mining sector for contemporaneous self-employment in South Africa. In future projects I also hope to work more labour market institutions in South Africa, including the national minimum wage.



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