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Meet Your New Pastor

This summer, Neidig Church was blassed to have Pastor Steve Cowfer and his family become our new church leader. Pastor Steve was born in the State College area. He is the oldest of 3 siblings, having both a brother and a sister. His mother still lives in the same area along with his sister. Pastor Steve's father passed away several years ago.

As a boy his interests were varied. He enjoys reading, loves the outdoors along with hunting and fishing. He was active in scouting starting as a Tiger Cub and working his way to Eagle Scout. Music was, and still is, a big part of his life. In second grade he began taking music lessons, probably inherited from his mother who is also musically inclined. Along with playing piano, he played the baritone in the school band.

Pastor Steve attended both grade and high school in Philipsburg. He spent four years of college at Bucknell University. For one and a half years he did some post-graduate work at Ohio University, at which time his schooling was interrupted due to his father's illness and his need to be home with his mother. During his high school and college years, he was an exchange student to Argentina and Barbados.

After returning home from Ohio, he met Eimy (pronounced Amy) through an old girlfriend. During this time, he did odd jobs, working in a pharmacy and in an office of a lumber company. For three years he worked as a District Executive for the York-Adams Council of the Boy Scouts.

Our pastor's wife, Eimy, works for the Office of General Council for the Governor's office. She is in line to be the top officer for extraditions and renditions for the Commonwealth of PA, her title being "Criminal Justice Coordinator". Eimy was born and spent the first four years in her native Columbia, South America before moving with her parents to Ecuador. At 17, she came to the states as an exchange student.

Pastor Steve and Eimy have two children. Their son, Ian, is 11 years old and interested in video games and is mechanically inclined. Their daughter, Mia, is 8 years old (soon to be 9), is interested in music and theater and is talented like her father in the musical field.

Pastor Steve's call to ministry did not come like a bolt of lightning, but was slowly nourished starting as a child. Growing up he attended a Methodist Church and found even as a young boy much satisfaction in helping the older people of the church with small jobs and errands. As a young adult he was hired as a pastor's assistant and began the process of preparing for the ministry by attending Wesley Seminary in Washington, D.C., while at the same time working as a student pastor in York, PA for 4 years.

Pastor Steve has a great love for helping the under privileged and shows that love by taking several mission trips to Nicaragua. He has also done mission work in places like Haiti and Ethiopia.

During his time at Neidig, Pastor Steve hopes to help others find Christ in new and exciting ways through traditional studies and innovative scriptural experiences. By focusing on mission and outreach, he hopes to encourage Neidig Church to take what they know of God's grace and bring that message to everyone, both in the community and around the world. He hopes to bring in new people to the Neidig family.

We at Neidig have been blessed and welcome Pastor Steve Cowfer and his family to Oberlin.

Pastor & Staff

Steven Cowfer, Pastor

Mike Emerick, Lay Leader

Ron Folk, Youth Leader

Pirjo Mace, Organist & Adult Choir Director

Kim Daniels, Youth Choir Director

Lori Haagen, Handbell Choir Director

Cindy Gundy, Church Secretary

Committee Chairs

Church Council: Scott Eshenaur

Recording Secretary: Jan Davis

Staff Parish Relations: Elected by Committee

Staff Parish Relations Vice-Chair: Elected by Committee

Finance Chair: Frank DeSendi

Treasurer: Frank DeSendi

Trustees: Mike Emerick

Financial Secretary: Cindy Gundy

Worship: Lori Remsnyder

History & Memorials: Jan Davis

Nurture Ministry: Tana Eshenaur

Outreach/Missions: Becky Cook

Older Adult Ministry: Peggy Gundy

Children's Ministry: Lori Haagen

Assimilation Ministry: Ruthie Rodkey

Witness Ministry: Lori Haagan

Discipleship Ministry Jeannette Keezel

Lay Members to the Conference:

Ann Marie Michael

Frank Desendi (alternate)